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Come Up Higher by bob

February 22nd, 2009

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“Come Up Higher” (Luke 14:7-14), February 22, 2009 When we meet Jesus, do we really think he will be saying, “Way to go, you showed those old people something by insisting on ubiquitous visuals and ear-splitting volume to reach today’s generation”?  Or will he say, “I’m so proud of you – you put those young people […]

How Long to Pray by bob

February 15th, 2009

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“How Long to Pray” (Luke 11:1-13), February 15, 2009 The requests Jesus teaches us to make are not of the kind that would EVER, in this life, cross off your prayer list and say, “God answered that one.  Praise the Lord.  I can stop praying for that.”

Good Question by bob

February 8th, 2009

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“Good Question” (Luke 10:25-37), February 15, 2009 In organized baseball, I never got past first base.  Ever. Today’s Scripture lesson turns on four questions during an exchange between a lawyer and Jesus.  I see those four questions as first base, second base, third base, and home plate.  How sad when Christians get stuck on first […]

How Is Your Hearing by bob

February 1st, 2009

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“How Is Your Hearing?” (Luke 8:1-15), February 1, 2009 At this moment, I am less about fighting battles in the church, in the denomination, or even in the culture than I have been.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  There are still battles to be fought, and I don’t want to shirk any calling God has given me.  […]