Place 30 coins in your basket.


Read Matthew 26:14-15.


On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem to shouts of praise. On Monday, he confronted fruitless faith in the temple. On Tuesday, he sealed his fate in confrontations with the religious leaders.

On Wednesday, Jesus remained out of sight while Judas betrayed him.

Judas was capable, responsible, practical, driven, and intelligent. He could have been something really special. Instead, his name will forever be linked with betrayal, and his life ended in a tragic suicide.

Judas never “bought into” Jesus – not fully, anyway. Judas wanted a Messiah according to his own ideas and timetable. What a tragedy to waste all of his potential with impatience, greed, and arrogance. Judas’ story asks each of us to reflect how well we steward the gifts – time, money, abilities, energy, opportunities – for the use of Christ.



My God and Father, grant that I will know and follow your calling in my life, and trust your timetable, through Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord, Amen.

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