March 23rd, 2010

2010 is a milestone year for Corinth.  Five of our staff members will celebrate ten-year anniversaries at Corinth.  I plan to use a “Pastor’s Pen” column to note each of these anniversaries.

It also occurs to me that I didn’t do this for those who have already passed ten years, so I’ll include them as well.  It is rather remarkable that we have nine employees in a church our size who have stayed on the team for a decade or more.

We begin with Sharon Rowe, who celebrates ten years this month as our Director of Children’s Ministries.  Sharon is the only employee at Corinth who has been part of this church family for longer than Linda and I have.  We stayed at Joe and Sharon’s home in the Fall of 1992 during the pastoral search process, since Joe Rowe chaired the Pulpit Committee.

Sharon’s co-workers on the church staff say that she…

·         …is always upbeat and full of life.

·         …exemplifies the spirit, attitude and love with which we should approach working with our children.

·         …is constantly looking into ‘how’ the Lord is working, even in situations that are difficult.

·         …is definitely a person “in touch” with the child in all of us!

·         …has a heart for children and a desire to see them know and serve Jesus.

·         …is a ‘TREASURE’!

·         …is the most gracious and caring boss I have ever had.

It’s not just the staff who notice.  Laity who work with Sharon say…

·         Her genuine love for the children is contagious.

·         She is built to handle the constant influx of stress that naturally follows children around!”

·         Sharon makes being a part of the children’s ministry team so much fun.

·         Sharon seeks to know each child as the special, little person that they are.

·         The love that Sharon has for God flows from her into the souls of our children.

·         Sharon is like a breath of fresh air.

Barbara Roithner, our Office Manager, came to Corinth a year after Sharon.  Her daughter, Richelle, then 7 years old, was suffering from severe eczema.  Barbara says, “Sharon made my daughter feel so beautiful at a time when she didn’t think she was beautiful.”  Now Richelle wants to be a children’s pastor because of Sharon’s influence on her.

See the full comments on Sharon at corinthtoday.org (“Celebrating Ten Years”) or add your own on Corinth’s Facebook page.  Sharon, thanks for a decade of loving our children!

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