April 26th, 2010

During 2010, we are celebrating Corinth employees who have  been with the church ten years or more.  This month: Joe Lippard, our Custodian, who has been serving the congregation since July 1996.


Here are some tributes to Joe from members and staff.  Add your own with a blog comment or on Corinth’s Facebook page.


We at Corinth are very blessed to have someone as wonderful as Joe taking care of our church home.  He treats the Sanctuary as his own and has it ready not only for Sunday services but weddings, funerals, concerts. community events, Lenten services and Advent services although after Candlelighting I am sure he would rather we use no-wax candies  – wax on the slate floor is not easy to get up.  Thank you Joe for all you do for us at Corinth. (Martha Karslake)


Joe is so helpful and kind, and I don’t think that I have ever heard him say NO to anyone!  I love the

the way he has so much feeling and dedication for Corinth.  He is a joy to work with. (Jan Ketcham)


Joe has a love for Corinth’s facilities that only comes from years of dealing with the mechanics of custodial involvement. He looks after our church as a God given responsibility from Christ himself. Loving these buildings as Christ loves his bride, Joe dedicates his life daily to Corinth’s people and guests. This is evident in his desire to make us all as comfortable and at peace here as he possibly can. It is Joe’s willing ministry and dedication to calling that makes him such a great asset and friend to us all. Thank you Joe for all you do each day. You are appreciated. (Bill Howell)

Joe is one of the funniest people I know! The things I have seen him do with a smile on his face remind me daily to smile and be thankful to work in such a great place! I am so thankful for Joe and the wonderful job he does! (Lauren Everley)

I have been so very blessed to know and work with Joe for ten years.  Joe has been gifted by God with so many talents and he choses to share those gifts with us here at Corinth.  I have been impressed with Joe’s love for this Church.  I see his faith every time I hear him pray, as I can see he has a very personal relationship with Christ. (Jan Caldwell)

If everyone took pride and ownership in their work and work place as Joe, the world would be a much better place.  He has so much respect and dedication for the place we all call the House of God.  Corinth is very blessed to have Joe as the keeper of this special place. (Betty McGee)

Joe has always been a joy to work with at Corinth. We share office space and he has somehow found his way to be kind to me.  Many times I leave the office looking like a hurricane just came through and it stays that way for days or sometimes weeks.  Thanks Joe for being so understanding. Joe is very efficient and always likes things in order, so to tolerate me and my mayhem with such a sweet spirit says a lot about Joe. He comes to work with a positive attitude and a get it done mentality.  He is a great guy and I am honored to work with him!  Love you Joe, (Sharon Rowe)


I love Joe’s patience! He is always and I mean always willing to stop, listen and lend a hand…I also learned alot about Corinth (the buildings, rooms etc.) in general from him. (Melissa Shuford)

Joe is an absolute blessing to work with he has such a love for the people of Corinth and for the buildings.  He works behind the scenes and serves in so many different ways no one even knows about, from taking our newsletter to the post office, to setting up the DVD for GriefShare, or making sure someone knows how to run the DVD in the Althouse Room. He graciously helps out whenever a need arises.  I have found working with Joe makes you appreciate all he does and how he has such a love for this church.  (Barbara Roithner)


Joe takes great pride in his work and the church. Joe is very dependable when something needs to be done.  He is helpful in eating any leftovers that need “getting rid-of!” (Laura Owens)


Joe is the epitome of perfection and an absolutely a joy to work with.  He is a great help to me as a shepherd, which I personally need.  (Tom Weikel)


Joe is a pleasure to work with here at Corinth.  Since he considers his job as a calling and as his ministry, he takes pride in doing his best to care for our church facilities.  His desire to please God is evident in his helpful spirit to assist all of us in our ministries.  We thank God for bringing Joe to us! (Linda Thompson)


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