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Week 26 – Elisha by bob

June 28th, 2010

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DAILY BIBLE READING  Jun 28: 1King 20-21 Jun 29: 1King 22; 2Chron 18 Jun 30: 2Chron 19-23 Jul 1: Oba; Ps 82-83 Jul 2: 2King 1-4 Jul 3: 2King 5-8 Jul 4: 2King 9-11 Jul 5: 2King 12-13; 2Chron 24   NOTES ON THE BIBLE READINGS ·         If you’re on schedule, this week (June 30) […]

It’s never a bad thing to need God. Psalm 63 June 27, 2010 The 91st Minute Some lessons you have to learn over and over.  Here’s a lesson I learned again this week: I’m not 28 years old.  Oh…and I’m not a world class soccer player. I spent most of the week at Johns River […]

Souls in Transition by bob

June 18th, 2010

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What are the results when a generation grows up with values symbolized and shaped by the Internet? Every voice can be heard but none is trustworthy.  Knowledge is readily available, but there’s too much of it to sift through.  A crisis anywhere in the world is your crisis vicariously, so that crisis itself seems less […]

Same Kind of Different by bob

June 16th, 2010

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Do you treat your friends as “catch-and-release?”  More importantly, do those outside the faith and the church think you will treat them that way? Same Kind of Different As Me tells the story of Ron Hall, a wealthy Texas art dealer and his friendship with Denver Moore, a homeless Fort Worth black man with a […]

Best DAM staff member by bob

June 15th, 2010

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Pastors really shouldn’t have favorites among the church employees, but I do have to admit I have one. In our continuing series of honoring staff members who have been working at the church ten years or more, we come this week to the employee I’ve known the longest.