October 25th, 2010

It’s been more than 13 years since we hired Laura Owens as Corinth’s Preschool Director.  It was a great decision!

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Sarah and Rob Fisher had just moved to Pennsylvania in 1997, and Linda Thompson assumed the role of Interim Director of Christian Education.  (Later we removed the “Interim” from her title.)  Linda and the Preschool Committee needed to hire a new Preschool Director, since Sarah had occupied that role.

Here’s what Linda says about Laura –

Laura was a God-send from Day 1.  As the new director of our preschool and as the 4-year class teacher, she took our Preschool program from a place of instability to one of the best Pre-school Programs in the area.  Her credentials and experience gave credibility and confidence to our program. 

Right from the beginning, Laura raised the bar with expectations of excellence in every class.  She worked well with the preschool committee to guide the program into the future.  Her vision of a transitional kindergarten, one of the first in the area,  was realized and continues to be  recognized as a top-notch program in preparing children for kindergarten or even moving on to first grade. 

Our Preschool program grew under Laura’s leadership from two classes to five, and eventually it became necessary to separate the role of Director from classroom teacher.   We have been so blessed that Laura continued to teach first under the directorship of Kathryn Clemmer and now Lauren Everley.

Laura was born to teach.  On the way to school, children talk with excitement and anticipation about what the day will hold.  Laura’s appearance (clothing, jewelry) accent the theme of the week.  Kids talk about her for years to come, and parents can’t say enough about her influence on their children.

You can read the testimonials to Laura below.  Just be sure when you see her, you give her a big hug and tell her how blessed we have been that she has loved, instructed, and prepared our kids for thirteen years!

Bob Thompson, Pastor


Laura was a God-send from Day 1.  As the new director of our preschool and as the 4-year class teacher, she took our Preschool program from a place of instability to one of the best Pre-school Programs in the area.  Her credentials and experience gave credibility and confidence to our program.  Right from the beginning, Laura raised the bar with expectations of excellence in every class.  She worked well with the preschool committee to guide the program into the future.  Her vision of a transitional kindergarten, one of the first in the area,  was realized and continues to be  recognized as a top-notch program in preparing children for kindergarten or even moving on to first grade.  Under her leadership, the Corinth Preschool program grew from 2 to 5 classes.  Eventually, Laura came to the place when she just wanted to concentrate on teaching and resigned from being the director.  The children love her and parents recognize Laura’s special giftedness as a teacher.  Since the Preschool came under my supervision for several years as the CE Director, I had the opportunity to work closely with Laura.  I have deep respect and appreciation for her as a person and as a teacher.  God has blessed us with Laura!  Love you, lady!  Linda Thompson, Director of Adult Ministries


If I had to use one word to describe what Laura does with her TK   classes, I would probably say “magical”. Having a child spend a year in her class was truly a blessing, and it was such a sweet and magical year before entering the world of “big school”. I am also thankful to  be able to learn from her experience as I have taken on this new role  in our preschool. She is truly a great teacher!  Lauren Everley, Preschool Director


I am so thankful for Laura Owens.  First of all, I found out we grew up in the same small town in Eden, NC.  How about that?  Second of all we both love my children.  Mrs. Owens has the ability to engage a child, and make them feel S-M-A-R-T.  What a gifted teacher!  I have a son, Thomas, that had Mrs. Owens two years ago for TK and now I have a daughter, Mary Alice,  currently in her class.  My son is now in 1st grade and he is not a very outspoken child.  When he does decide to share something he had learned it had usually come from his TK year.  The information has STUCK!  Laura has mastered the art of getting children really excited about something, and they remember it!  I have told her how much we enjoy her, and what she teaches the kids.  She told me one time it is her “bohemian” way of teaching.  I am so grateful that Mary Alice has been able to join her class.  I just wish Mrs. Owens could figure out a way to keep these kids for two years!  Sincerely, Page Bowman


She has an unbelievable connection with kids.  Her students love and respect her while in her class and, more impressingly, for years afterwards as well!  Having listened to numerous parents struggle with the decision of whether to send their child to kindergarten or Mrs. Owens’ TK class, I have never once heard a parent say that choosing Mrs. Owens class was the wrong decision.  Every single parent I’ve heard speak about her class has nothing but wonderful things to say about Mrs. Owens.   Holly Bolick


We are very thankful for our children to have started their formal education with Ms. Owens.  Whenever we asked her if Britt and Ellie were behaved she always said they were.  We knew that it wasn’t always true, especially with Britt, but her answer was part of her commitment to maturing every child in every way, including their choices for their behavior.


She was committed to creating a classroom rich with literature. Our kids enetered kindergarten well prepared to read with an interest in learning.  We are again very thankful for her role in our children’s earliest education. Ross and Marissa Rumbaugh


Laura is the rock that has kept our Preschool excellent.  Having two grandchildren in our program has given me the opportunity to witness the Christ centered learning and love that every child receives. Laura has been the stability factor in our Preschool.  Many times have I heard parents say that Laura has such a way with teaching the children that they just get it. I value Laura as a dear friend and marvel at the way she loves and related to the children.   Of course, she is forever telling me little things about my babes and a grandmother just loves that touch.  It takes a team effort to reach the excellence we have at Corinth and we are so fortunate to have our teachers.   Jan Caldwell, Financial Secretary



We feel very blessed to have Laura Owens as a teacher for our daughter.  She is so enthusiastic and dedicated and inspires the children to be their very best.   Linda and Brandon Mallard


Congratulations on the amount of time you have worked here, I enjoy working with you and hope to for many more years. Una Cowley



As the Parish Nurse, I have had the privilege to work with Laura closely each year  when  we teach the children proper hand washing and about Heartpower.  We all know what a dedicated teacher Laura is and how much her students love her.  It is always great to see how she challenges the T-K children.  It is amazing to see their transformation from the beginning of the school year to the last day.    She has always been a joy to be around.  We always know what subject they are on, by what she is wearing! Betty McGee, Parish Nurse


It does not take one long to realize that Laura has a deep love and sense of devotion to her children. Over the last ten years it has been a pleasure to know her and see her interaction with the children as they develop and learn under her care and watchful eye. Laura you are without a doubt a teacher who cares. It has been a pleasure to watch you interact with each child and watch you bond with them as a class and individually. Bill Howell, Associate Pastor



Oh my, I am not sure there are words to describe how we feel about Mrs. Owens…but I will try! 

 Zoe’s eyes were wide open from the first moment that we met Mrs. Owens till the day she graduated!  I have never seen anyone that can enthrall 5 year olds like Laura does…she is loving, compassionate, caring, entertaining and in control of her class.  I am not sure the kids realized how much they were actually learning because they were having so much fun!  There was not one day that Zoe didn’t want to go to TK, she would often say on the way to school, “I wonder what Mrs. Owens is going to do today (giggle)?”   We are so thankful that we were part of the Corinth TK program, we hate that Christian didn’t get to experience it (Mrs. Owens).  I wish we could have her for kindergarten all the way to 12th grade!  Mrs. Owens is truly a blessing and because of her Zoe is excited about learning!

 We can’t thank Mrs. Owens enough for loving our Zoe and encouraging her to be kind to others, never stop learning & always dance!

 With a Grateful Heart!  Michelle Impagliazzo


Mrs. Owens is so good at teaching that she crams their little brains full when they don’t even know it. She is so good with parents that she makes you feel like your child  has his individual wonderful qualities and is completely special.  Then you see her interact with the other children and parents and you  realize that every, single child is treated as if there is no one more  special than them. Mrs. Owen is the kind of teacher that only comes around once in a blue  moon. We are appreciative every, single day for the time Griffin was able to spend with her. Ryan Lovern

Laura is a teacher who truly has a “gift” with children. We feel so blessed that two of our children have been given the opportunity to be in Mrs. Owen’s classroom. They have and will be given such a strong foundation for elementary school…not to mention a love for learning!! I could go on and on about all that we love about Laura! We hope that JB will be in there too! Laura, thank you for sharing you “gift” with our children and with Corinth Church!

WE LOVE YOU!!!  Roger and Meghan Young


We were fortunate enough to have our daughter, Molly in Mrs. Owen’s T- K class.  Molly is now in the 6th grade and still remembers Mrs. Owens and how much she learned that year in T-K.  Laura is such a wonderful teacher, we nick-named her, “The Child Whisperer” because she is able to accomplish so much with the children in her class & seems to connect with them in such a special way.  In addition to having Mrs. Owens teach one of our children, I also had the pleasure of working  under her when she was director of our Preschool Program at Corinth.   Congratulations Laura for your many years of teaching/directing at  Corinth Preschool!   We love you and are so blessed by you..

Love, Danielle Cummings


 When I asked Clint last night what he liked best about Mrs Owens, he said, ” I just love everything about her. . I can’t pick only one thing. . .”  She is obviously such and amazing person with a special gift of love for children.  Clint just smiles and beams when he speaks of her.  She has made such a positive impression on him already.  Nathan and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this loving family and love watching Clint evolve as he learns so many new life skills/knowledge from Mrs. Owens! Gina Powers


I  am so thankful for Laura Owens.  I have had 2 children pass thru her class and could not have been more pleased with the knowledge and love they gained while there. You can tell she has a true love for children and Corinth is blessed to have her!  Angie Apollonio


Laura you are dedicated to teaching the children.  I know each and every child that has been through your program has a special place in your heart.  You exceed any standards set  always going above and beyond.  You spend many hours preparing for the children offering in depth subjects that will prepare them for ‘big school’ and beyond.  You change the class subject each week displaying numerous visual aids to help stimulate their minds, you challenge the children to be inquisitive and ask questions.  Each child feels valued and is an important member of the TK team.  Lessons in your class are fun and exciting, you ooze enthusiasm and capture the children’s attention.  Any child fortunate enough to experience TK will remember the experience for a long time.  Congratulations.  Andrea Seddon, TK Assistant Teacher       


A staff member when I started almost 10 years ago she was so sweet to my own daughter when she was with me at Corinth.  This year the Friday before preschool started back we had someone stop in the church office to see if there were any openings in Laura’s classroom since she was looking for her daughter who previously attended the preschool at CVCC, where someone raved about Laura Owens and how great she was with the children and how she was an awesome teacher.  Sometimes I stand outside her classroom door and am amazed at how she is with the kids.  I am blessed to call her a friend.  Barbara Roithner, Office Manager


Having worked with Laura since 1997 I feel she is an example of what a quality teacher should be. She has been so committed to building the reputation of Corinth’s preschool and giving her students the best possible education. She is an asset to this church and this community.  Joe Lippard


Thank you for being Darah’s and Dana’s TK teacher all those years ago.  Has it been six years ago that Darah was carrying her hand printed shoulder bag up to your door and disappearing into the routine of your day?  You have a special way of recognizing the needs of and encouraging the growth of our little ones.  Thank you for setting the bar high and bolstering the confidence in my girls when they could barely hold a crayon.  You taught them to tie their shoes and praised their backwards letters that landed outside the lines.  They still refer to Fridays as “Fun” and expect the tradition of pizza on Fridays to continue.  Thanks you for the investment you have made in my children…for nurturing the “seed in the little paper cup.” You are a blessing to me! Gwyn Watson


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