February 21st, 2011

Congratulations to those who joined us on reading through the Bible in 2010.  Some are still finishing up, but I am sharing the comments of those who responded to my request asking how it went.

Names of the readers are at the bottom of the post.

Julia Houston:  I have finished reading the whole bible.  I am amazed at myself for this accomplishment.  It is the first time I have started and actually completed the task.  I found the adventure enlightening in ways I have not viewed God’s word before.  It is truly amazing how God has given all of us such knowledge, wisdom, insight, and guidance through his word.  I must say Isaiah & Ezekiel were my favorite books in the old testament and John in the new testament. 

Clarissa Starnes:  I am so excited to say that I finished the Bible! (and did it early because I enjoyed it so much!) It helped me tremendously to read it chronologically and I found that the books I thought would mean the least to me actually became some of my favorites, such as 1st and 2nd Kings. I do love a good story and of course, the gospels provide that in cool, different ways. (Luke being my personal fave!) I definitely know that the Bible is not something you read once and put aside, but a constant source of knowledge that will reveal more as you go along. Funny how many answers are in the Book! Go figure:) Thanks for the inspiration to get in the Word and I plan to stay there!

Steve Corder:  Just a note to let you know that I successfully completed reading through the Bible today. As I was thinking about my accomplishment, it occurred to me that on a number of days the scripture was a blessing and a comfort with significant meaning for me on that particular day.  On many more days it was a chore that was done out of obedience…..which pretty much mirrors my faith walk in general.    I’m not sure what the lesson there is, but I did find it amusing.

Dave Hammer:  all 365 have been crossed off. im a bit sad too, but look forward to memorizing and studying verses with my sweet wife in 2011. i think it would be a good idea to set a goal for each of us to memorize and study 12 new verses in 11.

Joan Gosnell:  Finished my Bible reading this morning.  Got a little behind over the past couple of weeks but was able to catch up and completed on schedule.  I have read through the Bible several times before but this is the first time in this order.  I must say, with the help of your weekly guide lines and devotions, this time had so much more meaning.  Thank you for the guidance. Made a copy of your weekly emails for my Mom.  She is going to read through this year and she said at Christmas, when we visited, that she was looking forward to getting started. 

Diane Coleman:  This was my first time reading the bible chronologically and it made some things come alive which had not been revealed to me before.  One was Isaiah and Revelations ~ since I was studying Isaiah at BSF,  for the first time I saw the similarities of those two books and the other enlightenment was God’s provision for his people over and over again even unto today.

Sharon Wierhdt:  Well, I did it!  Finished on schedule yesterday (12/31).  Revelations is a little strange and even though I’ve read it before, it makes me wonder if the apostle John is the same guy who wrote the other previous books attributed to him since it seems so different. 

David Echerd:  Betty and I completed our year of bible reading on December 31.  We had each individually read the bible in one year previously, but neither of us really retained much of what we read.  This time, with the aid of your weekly input, was much better for us.  We find ourselves remembering more that we imagined.  There were many times we felt confused and quite honestly didn’t understand a lot of what we were reading.  We had favorite parts, and “not so favorite” parts.  Overall it was a wonderful and helpful experience.

Linda Thompson:  I have read the Bible through several times, but reading the OT through chronologcally seemed to add a different dimension to my reading and understanding. I especially liked reading the history of David along with the corresponding Psalms that expressed his heart toward God in the midst of what he went through.  The reading went by so quickly.  I just love God’s Word!


Ted Corwin:  I am still at it.  My trip to Kenya this fall got me about two weeks behind, and I have been unable to catch up.  This morning I read 1 Timothy and should be able to complete Revelation by the middle of January.  This journey of the chronological reading of the Scriptures has been a blessing, as have your weekly insights and devotionals.  Thank you for leading us.

Greg Smith: I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the Bible in 2010. I finished Friday, although I had to do some catch-up, it was worth it. There were many things I rediscovered as well as new things I had not read before. I came away with a greater sense and appreciation of God’s love for me. I also found myself questioning some areas (The letters concerning women’s role within the church), but more so, confirming my beliefs of God’s amazing grace. I am not a member of your congregation, but have certainly enjoyed your devotionals and discussion points. Thank you for pointing out various areas and topics to look for.  May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry. Thank you again.

Don Essenberg:  This is the 5th or 6th time I have read the Bible through. This was the first time chronologically. I stayed with this order through the New Testament too.  I used The Message paraphrase this time. It provided a fresh perspective on some very familiar passages. It was meaningful to do with the Corinth group too.

Nila Lane:  I finished on Friday.  Even though this is not the first time I have read through the Bible, it was most meaningful ,knowing that there were others reading along, too.  I looked forward to your comments and devotionals.  I feel kinda at a loss, now, even though I spend time every day reading and reflecting on scripture.  Thanks for the encouragement and insights.  It’s funny how different things pop out and mean more according to where I am in my life.  Guess that’s why the Bible is always fresh even though I’ve read it before.

Alice Spuller:  Bob and I read on schedule each day making up a day or 2 if we missed and finished right on time.  It was a truly great experience for both of us (Bob said to say that, too).  If truth be known, I miss the reading already and am ready to start again.  If you have suggestions for directed readings, I am ready to do that-I have a hard time just picking up the Bible and reading without direction.  There are parts I can read over and over again, but I am not sure I am strengthening my knowledge or faithfulness by doing that. The shared time that we had in doing the reading together (we read aloud to each other) was very special—we discussed and wondered over much of what we read-especially the very hard destructive parts of the Old Testament and then we wondered at the repetitiveness of the New Testament but came to the conclusion that that is necessary to get the truth of Jesus’ life and resurrection to sink in to our feeble brains.  It was also very meaningful to me because I have been so home-bound the last several months.  I truly hate not being in church and hearing you give the wonderful teaching that you do in sermons.

Debby Carlton:  There were times it was very slow, other times very exciting and I would read several days all at one time.  I found it much easier to read ahead if I knew I wouldn’t get to it daily.  My study of Revelation with Beth Moore in the fall made reading Revelation a review and much more understandable. 

Richard McNeil:  Just wanted to let you know that I did finish and actually one day early on Dec. 30, 2010. It was a great experience to finish and to finish strong. I do wish that I had spent more time praying about questions I had or things that I did not understand. I started again this weekend, but this time reading it with Tres. He asked a lot of questions some I could answer and some that I could not. Maybe this will be my challenge to pray, research, and ask others questions knowing that someone is counting on me to followup. He is a very bright young man, and we had a great time reading together. What started out with a lecture from me on how we needed to get started and commit if he really wanted to do this turned in to an awesome time to spend together. This helps me to remember I need to let go more often and just let God.

Donna Warmuth:  I finished my reading on 12/31/10 while on a New Year vacation with my family, my parents, my brothers and their families, 24 of us in all. Lucky for me I have 2 pastors in my family. It was great to have them to talk to about Revelations. I must admit this was the first time I have ventured into the last book of the bible.  I am so glad I completed one go through, but now I know I have so much to learn!!!!!

Glenda Childers:  I fell behind on my reading the last couple of weeks in December. I hope to finish Revelations today as I have less than 10 chapters left. This has been a great journey for me. It’s probably the one resolution of 2010 that I didn’t quit on. Thanks for the challenge. Think I’ll do it all over again this year.


Betty Stone:  I am almost there–fell behind last month. The experience is so valuable. Getting the context for passages and books I have studied in isolation in the past. I am reading Paul’s letters in the order in which my Bible tells me they were written, so I did get out of sync. But that has improved my comprehension, I think.nk.ible. I am so glad I have completed one go through, but now know I have so much to learn!!!!!!

Kevin Harris:  I finished, with caveats. I had to jump some to keep up, I’m not sure how I fell so far behind, but finished up revelations last night. I may go back and catch the books I missed or just start over again. There is a ton of sidebar information I skipped to keep up, the Archeological study Bible I have has a lot of sidebars that looked interesting, so I need to read those. Questions I always have is knowing when something is metaphorical and when we should take things literally. Lots of things in Revelations that I can just see trying to explain to a non-believer them shaking their heads saying, you really believe this stuff?  A lot of it is strange and unexplained to me, and I’ve made the commitment to believe. But, I suppose that is what faith is, after all.

Mearline Janssen:  My office group finished the Old Testament last week   So on the new for the new year!  Two of the ladies in my group, who do not attend church, received new Bibles for Christmas and were so excited they had to bring them to show me!  One of them also gave one to her mother for Christmas!  Who knows someday maybe they’ll come to Corinth or will find another church home somewhere.  God is at work and as we know, “all thing are possible”!

Kim Ingle:  Hey, I did finish the reading, actually a little early but there were times in the new testament I couldn’t stop and just kept going.  It was easier to read the new testament, I could read the old testament many more times and not totally understand it or maybe understand it more. Anyway I’m glad I read it again and if you decide to read through it again later I’ll probably do it again.  Or I could do it on my own.  Wow, the way my mind can think.

Bill Howell:  Great adventure for me. Did have a few days I had to catch up and missed a couple of readings but overall enjoyed following your comments as we made the journey. Thanks

Bob Spuller:  I know Alice has already written to indicate that both she and I completed our reading of the entire Bible.  What a marvelous experience it was – this was the first time I had read the entire Bible (took me 73 years to get around to doing it!) and I found out there was a lot about both the Old and New Testament I did not know.  My prior experiences have always been snippets of various parts of the Bible – such as we did in Bible study, Sunday worship scripture passages, etc.,  but reading the entire book straight through added many new perspectives to my understanding.  As far as understanding, however, I have to admit that there are still things about my religious faith that I still do not totally understand but the reading has stimulated my interest in learning more about those things about which I am still uncertain.  I have to admit there are portions of the Old testament that seemed to run counter to my understanding of God and human nature and it is in these areas that I need more self-help and pastoral assistance.  Again, it was a terrific experience and I am very happy Alice and did it together – having a partner to read it and discuss it with was really enriching.

Tiffany Wightman:  I just wanted to let you know that I read through the Bible in 2010, and I am glad that I did.  I learned a lot, especially about the Old Testament.  The best part was that it kept me in the Word.  Throughout the year, I could see that God’s word was working in my heart and changing me in many ways.  Thank you for your guidance through and encouragement in this reading!

Christine Cofer:  No matter how many times I read it through, there are always numerous passages/lessons/ideas/facts/points I did not catch the year before.

Ede Escuder:  Unfortunately, I did not finish the  Bible reading this year.  I got behind when we moved and was not able to get back on track after that.  God is guiding me into a deeper relationship with him through my Bible study and my daily reading even though I didn’t keep up with that reading plan. I praise Him for His faithfulness to me, even when I fail in my faithfulness to Him. Thank you for your guidance through the reading, I did continue to follow the discussions and your daily verses.

Jeff Price:  .  This was the first time that I have put in an honest attempt to read through the Bible in a year and it was every bit as challenging as I imagined it would be. One of the lessons that I can take away from this experience is to never think that I can do it alone and to lean more heavily on the Holy Spirit in all that I do.  Another lesson that I learned is that life is better when you make it a point to spend daily time in God’s Word.  It wasn’t every day because there were days that I didn’t read and would then have to play catch up, but it was a lot of days.  Definitely the most days in a year that I have read the Bible in my lifetime.  There is just something about waking up with coffee and the Bible.  I just want my goal to be for God to speak to me whenever and however he chooses and not just getting through the Bible.  I am happy that I did this,and I really appreciate you putting this together and leading us through the daily readings with your weekly insights. 

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