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Revealer of Mysteries by bob

October 9th, 2011

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Golden heads crumble. Daniel 2:44-49 October 9, 2011 Behind the text The stories in Daniel 1-6 are self-contained but connected. Last week in chapter one we saw Daniel, a wide-eyed teenager, discern boundaries.  His decision not to eat the king’s food gave us some principles for making decisions about honoring God.

Dare to Be a Daniel by bob

October 2nd, 2011

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The lines I draw put my ultimate loyalty on display. Daniel 1:8-20 October 2, 2011 Paradoxes and wonders Welcome to a seven-week journey through one of the Bible’s most paradoxical books.  It’s the only book of the Bible where the first half is full of favorite children’s Sunday School stories and the second half is […]