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The Mystery of Marriage by bob

March 27th, 2012

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Some books I read quickly.  Their point is either too obvious or too complex, and I flip the pages to note the main ideas.  Occasionally I find a book on the opposite end of that spectrum.  It is so profound I want to read it again, slow down, digest every sentence, and process it with […]

Get Over It by bob

March 25th, 2012

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If God is unfair, it’s because he is excessively generous. Matthew 20:1-16 March 25, 2012 Life isn’t fair Had I told Jesus’ parable, I would have told it somewhat differently.  Fred set a New Year’s Resolution to be at his proper BMI by Thanksgiving.  75 pounds overweight, Fred had battled all his life to be […]

What to Do with Talents by bob

March 18th, 2012

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Use it or lose it. Matthew 25:14-30 March 18, 2012 Talents For the last few weeks, and two more Sundays after today, we have been looking at some of the stories Jesus told in the Gospels.  Jesus’ parables were intended to make great spiritual truths accessible without making them simplistic.  Sometimes, even in this sermon […]

Occasionally someone comes into my office and asks, “Have you read all these books?”  Dan Jones, the first pastor under whom I served just out of college, taught me to respond, “I’ve read some of them twice!”  (It often takes the asker a moment to realize I didn’t answer the question.) But I have read […]

Prostitute or Pharisee by bob

March 11th, 2012

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What the kingdom demands is nothing short of total surrender. March 11, 2012 Matthew 21:28-32 Neither Would you rather your child be a (a) prostitute or (b) a Pharisee?  According to Jesus, it seems your heavenly Father’s answer might be (a).  If that bothers you, I can tell you it bothers me more. As a […]