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Yesterday’s devotion as complex and long, the result of a very familiar passage of Scripture gripping my soul by dissecting its parts.  Today’s will be shorter and simpler, but still on Romans 3:21-26.  Read it here in The Message. As we continue to make our way through Romans, I keep thinking of Hugo Victor’s classic […]

Before you read further, take a moment and read Romans 3:21-26.  I’m so humbled to be sharing the platform with Paul Cummings this week as we unfold this pivotal passage in Paul’s letter to the Romans and in the entire New Testament.  Don’t miss our special service of celebration and dedication for our new Family […]

I’m really excited, because I’ve already looked ahead to tomorrow’s devotional, which will turn the corner in Romans to the Good News Paul has promised.  Romans 3:21 begins, “But now…” and one commentator calls the paragraph that follows “possibly the most important single paragraph ever written.”  I can’t wait. But not yet. 

I loved what my colleague Paul Cummings posted yesterday on Twitter:  “In the spirit of 1 Timothy 2:1-4, I challenge every believer to take the breath you might use to condemn our President and instead pray for him.”  It’s funny how Christians who see themselves as following the Bible so carefully neglect a very straightforward […]

About 3-4 times a year, I have the privilege of worshiping in another congregation.  Yesterday was one of those days.  As I sat in the pew with my iPad (for following the Scripture lesson, of course!), I jotted this sentence in an e-mail and sent it to myself: “As soon as you ‘perfect’ a human […]