July 19th, 2013

Reflections on the Life of Lynn Price

From Her Pastor, Her Journal, and Her Friends

July 19, 2013

Bob Thompson, Pastor, Corinth Reformed Church, Hickory, NC

Lynn told me a couple weeks ago that she didn’t want a black funeral or a white funeral.  For example, she didn’t want a funeral 1-2 days after she died like white people, or 7-10 days after her death like black people.  She wanted enough time to allow out of town people to come.  Your bulletin reflects her desire for this “black and white” funeral in the two shaded text boxes.

Of course, there is no such thing as a standard black funeral or a standard white funeral.  I simply asked Pastor Ross to begin this service and share a brief meditation in the way he usually does.  Then I would do what I normally do.  This won’t be a 30 minute “white” funeral and it won’t be a 2-hour “black” funeral.

For my part, when I prepare for a funeral, I generally meet with the family following the death and we pick out Scriptures and music.  I also ask the closest family members and friends to share their memories of their loved ones, and then I weave those stories around whatever Scripture they have chosen.  If there’s a way to get the word out for other friends and connections to share their own stories, I try to weave those into the meditation as well.

Sometimes, not often, a person who knows death is coming sooner rather than later wants to spare the family all of these decisions and/or wants some specific desires honored.  Lynn was definitely not anxious to complete this task too soon, but being the initiator and organizer in her family she asked me to come to her home a couple of weeks ago to cover everything.  This is when she mentioned the “black and white” funeral, asked me to play the Kirk Franklin CD, especially “I Smile,” and told me she wanted her secret recipe for the carrot cake on the back of the bulletin as her last gift to you.  Lucretia, she didn’t take it to the grave!

I told Lynn at that meeting that I was going to look through her CaringBridge journal to review her story.  Her comment was, “Just get to the end part, after I got through my anger.”

When I asked her about Scriptures to read, she mentioned the story of Gideon and the fleece.  So let me take a moment and read it for you from Judges 6.

33 Now all the Midianites, Amalekites and other eastern peoples joined forces and crossed over the Jordan and camped in the Valley of Jezreel. 34 Then the Spirit of the Lord came on Gideon, and he blew a trumpet, summoning the Abiezrites to follow him. 35 He sent messengers throughout Manasseh, calling them to arms, and also into Asher, Zebulun and Naphtali, so that they too went up to meet them.

36 Gideon said to God, “If you will save Israel by my hand as you have promised— 37 look, I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor. If there is dew only on the fleece and all the ground is dry, then I will know that you will save Israel by my hand, as you said.” 38 And that is what happened. Gideon rose early the next day; he squeezed the fleece and wrung out the dew—a bowlful of water.

39 Then Gideon said to God, “Do not be angry with me. Let me make just one more request.Allow me one more test with the fleece, but this time make the fleece dry and let the ground be covered with dew.” 40 That night God did so. Only the fleece was dry; all the ground was covered with dew.

I sat down Wednesday night of this week to read Lynn’s CaringBridge journal, all 200+ pages of it!  Although I had read most of the entries as they were posted, I was mesmerized.  It was hard to put it down.  I highlighted key phrases and used up ten highlighters.  Not really, but there’s a lot of yellow on my print copy.  I also began to receive some very personal and beautiful tributes from Lynn’s friends.

Then yesterday afternoon I started copying some of the quotes I had highlighted, organizing them into themes – her cancer journey, friends, family, faith, honesty and humor, and, of course, her furry companions.  I figured that process would take me an hour or two, then I could focus on writing a funeral service that would capture the themes.  Well, it took me 4-5 hours just to copy those quotes.  As I did so, I started to wonder how I would have time to write what I wanted to say, and also look for themes in what Lynn’s friends wrote.

Somewhere in that process it hit me: Lynn had written her own funeral meditation!  Over the last three years she has told us what was significant about her life.  I decided most of what I would say today would just be to read you what Lynn said.  That wouldn’t give me a lot of time to share what her friends have written over the past day or so, so I will add all of your reflections in writing on my blog.  And if some of you have another story, you can log into my blog and add that as well.

It also hit me that Lynn’s story fits the story of Gideon perfectly.  Let me show you what I mean.

THE ENEMY:  The “C” Word

As is true with most of biblical heroes called “judges,” the story of Gideon is a story of fighting a great enemy against overwhelming odds.  The desert dwellers to Israel’s east felt threatened by this new nation living in Canaan, and even though they didn’t like each other very much they liked Israel less.  They were also more advanced in their military strategies than this fledgling country of ex-slaves with no central government.  So the story of Gideon is a story of a courageous counteroffensive against long odds.

Lynn’s great enemy, of course, was her cancer.  Her journal chronicled the steps in that battle.  Here they are, in her own words.

  • Found a lump in my left breast.  I thought I had been bitten by a spider or bug.  (8/31/10)
  • Received the “C” word.   (9/10/10)
  • I received my genetic testing back.  I do NOT have the gene.  (10/10/10)
  • Let’s throw in another complication – MRSA.  (10/14/10)
  • I decided I wanted to shave my head before my next chemo treatment. (10/17/10)
  • GREAT NEWS…Dr. Frenette measured the mass and it is 50% less than it was 4 weeks ago.  (10/20/10)
  • Based on my breast cancer spreading to my lymph nodes I will be participating in a research study.  Technical name:  Phase II Study Evaluating the Role of Sentinel Lymph Node Surgery and Axillary Lymph Node Dissection Following Pre-operative Chemotherapy in Women with Node Positive Breast Cancer.  (2/13/11)
  • Surgery scheduled Monday, Feb 28th (2/25/11)
  • The cancer gene is raging again in my body.  (10/14/11)
  • Things have spiraled down and I will receive 2 units of packed red blood cells during my transfusion today.  (2/12/12)
  • Valentine’s night I had a really weird experience and ended up calling my neighbor Dana C. asking her to rush me to ER.  I was so scared I truly thought I was going to die!  (3/17/12)
  • I had a long talk with someone that knew me in the hospital and I asked for them to shoot me straight.  They informed me that if I lived through the summer it would be a miracle.  (3/17/12)
  • I am so happy to report the chemo cocktail I am taking now IS WORKING!!!!  Praise our Heavenly Father!  (4/29/12)
  • I have received a ton of support from Through Healing Eyes.  But your calendar for 2013 if you haven’t!  I am Ms. April.  (10/24/12)
  • Never did I imagine I would be as well as I have been this month.  Yes, I am still weak and the limit for my fun is about 6-8 hours and then I need my bed or sofa.  BUT I AM ALIVE AND I HAVE HAIR!!!  FIRST CHRISTMAS IN THREE YEARS.  (12/24/12)
  • Thursday morning Julie called and informed me the MRI revealed metastatic disease in the blood brain barrier around my lumbar spine. This area is unaffected by chemotherapy. (4/22/13)
  • Radiation treatments on my spine have continued to be tough.  (5/12/13)
  • When you lose your hair to chemo, you can always put on a wig.  When you lose your breast to surgery, you can always put on a fake breast.  But when you lose your ability to control your bladder and colon, everyone knows.  You can’t fake smell.  (6/15/13)
  • I have two options: total brain radiation or no further treatment at all.  At this point I am considering no additional treatment.  (6/25/13)

FAMILY: “Every family has dysfunction”

We sometimes forget that biblical heroes had mothers and fathers, grandparents and uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews.  Gideon did not want to be the one to fight this great battle against the Amalekites and Midianites.  He struggled with low self-esteem.  When God called him the first time he said, “My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family.”  Not everyone in Gideon’s family was a believer.  His own father was a leader in idol worship.

Lynn’s family was very much a part of her story.  It was and is a “real” family with its own struggles.  But it also gave Lynn her greatest support and strength in her battle.  Lynn often wrote about her family in the journal.

  • Today Caleb was baptized and that was a wonderful moment!  I told him he would be my little praying warrior.  (9/19/10)
  • The beautiful thing about my sister is she will crack you up even when she isn’t trying.  (9/27/10)
  • My sweet little loving nephew has been corrupted by my father – he is now a wrestling junkie…OMG!!!! (11/3/10)
  • Dad is one of the positive things produced by the “C.”  Dad’s relationship with both Tam and I continues to become more loving and he is willing to do whatever Caleb and Grace ask him to do from video games to playing dolls. I think going through the “C” word opened his eyes at how precious time truly is!  (12/25/10)
  • Last Saturday was my sweet little Grace’s first cheerleading game!  (1/12/11)
  • The prayer service was incredible!  I was touched and truly blessed!  All of the prayers were wonderful but Grace’s prayer out loud in front of all those people made all of us lose it.  She prayed for me to get better and that in the surgery I would not die because she needed her Aunt Nynnie.  (2/26/11)
  • Grace ran in and told me she was so glad I survived my surgery and she had prayed for me every night.  Grace and Caleb will have their “favorite aunt” to love and spoil them (WWE events and pedicures)…so now I don’t have a left breast…but I have those two that brighten my world.  I HAVE LOST A LOT THROUGH THIS BUT I DO REALIZE THE LOVE OF A CHILD AND THE WAY I CAN IMPACT THEM…that is everything.  (3/8/11)
  • I also want to post about Caleb’s pre-birthday gift.  Remember he wanted to go see the WWE.  OMGosh was it the most fun ever!  Yes I am addicted!  Caleb called me a traitor because I was pulling for Alberto De Rio (hot looking bad guy) over The Edge (good guy). (4/17/11)
  • Nephew Caleb is growing like a weed!  He passed his EOG’s for the first time with all 4’s.  Niece Grace is so prissy right now!  She loves her some BLING!  Sister Tammy – GOD HAS BLESSED HER!  She received a job offer from Carolinas Medical Center.  Mother – GOD BLESS HER!  Mother is still running crazy.  She helps me keep my house from being condemned by the health department.  Dad is the same!  I am so proud of my Dad!  The kids’ bond with him is growing stronger every single day.  THIS IS ONE OF THE BLESSINGS OF ME BEING SICK.  (5/29/11)
  • Grandmaw went to heaven.  Please pray for my sweet mom’s heart to rejoice at grandmaw being out of pain.  (5/29/11)
  • We all have family drama.  Lots of times I laugh and say, “Every family has dysfunction. It is just the amount of Fun we put in dysfunction.” (7/19/11)
  • My mother is the most positive person I know.  She is a great Granna to Grace and Caleb and I am thrilled she is able to take care of them.  (7/19/11)
  • Tonight I have a date with my Dad!  Yep! He and I are going to dinner and then to Hickory Motor Speedway with my Fantasy NASCAR League!  Can you believe it?  Me – Lynn Price – NASCAR Chick!  (9/10/11)
  • We had a wonderful summer.  I put 100% of my energy into fun with Caleb and Grace.  I created “Daycation” where we would spend one of my good days on a trip – we went to Discovery Place in Charlotte; Nature Center and North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville.  On the Fourth of July Dad was off and he drove the kids and me to Gem Mountain in Spruce Pine.  After summer ended I started preparing for my Halloween party.  Caleb was the one without knowing it who made me decide to have the party.  When school started he had to write four things everyone knew about him and four things that very few people knew about him.  One thing very few people knew that he wrote about was that his Nynnie had the coolest Halloween party ever.  (10/24/12)
  • I am sure you think I am completely nuts for even being here in Alaska.  I am but all also know how I push and push and if I can go out with one big band and one happy memory with Mom, Dad, Tammy, Caleb and Grace then that is how I will go.  (6/15/13)
  • Friday night was special to me.  My family all gathered around my bed, held hands, and we began with one and went around until everyone had praised God for his blessings, and asked for intervention. I have never heard my father pray!  Truly an indescribable in my heart!  (6/14/13)
  • We celebrated Father’s Day in Yakutat Bay, Alaska.  Tammy and I gave Dad his Father’s Day present  It was a ring we made with the help of Oz. The stone was a gem that the kids, Dad, and I had found in Gem Mountain last July.  The ring is beautiful and Dad was speechless.  (6/16/13)
  • There are no words to describe the peace and majestic feelings as you are surrounded by the people you love most, in an area only so few are privileged to see God’s greatest artistry! (6/19/13)

A few weeks ago, Lynn told my wife Linda and me, “I have spoiled these children.  They are my kids without the homework and cleaning up.  She said when Linda promised to pray Caleb and Grace through their teen years, “It took such a load off.  I have a peace about it.”  They were always on her heart.

HONESTY:  “I cried myself to sleep”

One of the aspects of Gideon’s life that I love is his honesty before God.  He doesn’t want to face the enemy.  He’s afraid and resists the idea that he has been chosen for this fight. The whole fleece story is the story of a man who is finding new ways to ask God, “Are you SURE you want ME?”  Tell me again.  Show me.  Show me again.  He’s so honest.

As I read through Lynn’s journal looking for themes, her honesty came through repeatedly.  I actually titled this category of reflections “honesty and humor,” because her sense of humor emerges brightly as well.  These quotes will jerk you around a bit as you want to cry with her and laugh with her.  But I’m just reading them in chronological order.  I’m also ignoring one of Lynn’s requests to only read the part of her journal when she got over her angry phase.  Her realism is a powerful part of her story.

  • A clean house is a sign of a wasted life! (9/27/10)
  • Can I crawl in a hole today?  (9/28/10)
  • Chemo 101 is a lot to learn!  I still lay in bed thinking this isn’t happening.  (10/2/10)
  • All of you know my bridge rule.  Once I cross the bridge out of Hickory everything from that point stays on that side of the bridge!  (10/4/10)
  • Yep – worst day today.  Tammy was right.  My veins suck.  (10/7/10)
  • My goal this week – to work a little because I didn’t win the lottery last night.  (10/10/10)
  • Well…it finally happened…BIG MELTDOWN.  Tonight I threw a few chairs downstairs; numerous things across the room…hit the wall with my keys and fist..and real crying.  (10/14/10)
  • On Sunday afternoon a “friend” of Tammy and me pulled a nasty thing on Tammy.  I was ready to go beat someone’s ass! (11/3/10)
  • I keep asking WHY ME????  Why me???? (12/14/10)
  • Yesterday, I cried from sun up to the time I finally cried myself to sleep.  It was a day that I made myself realize my head had been in the sand about several things and I had to face those things and realize they were not going to work out like I had dreamed.  I have that feeling of not caring whether I live or die.  I have been jealous of all the healthy people…of people able to run and work out….jealous of all the people that are having fun…jealous of all the people that are getting new things…hating people that I know that do not deserve the things they have.  It is like I have been invade by a body snatcher and all I have in me is negativity.  And for some of the people that say, “Oh I know how you feel,” NO YOU DON’T you have no freaking clue!!!!  You have not put your 7.5 in my shoe!!!!!”  (1/27/11)
  • Please continue to pray for me as right now I could just grab my pocketbook and run away.  (2/27/11, the day of the mastectomy)
  • I have been suffering from depression.  (5/29/11)
  • I have always felt that I am a strong woman; however, kinda like a building in a tornado.  I am all over the place and just when I feel like I have a firm footing, the wind starts to sway again. (7/17/11)
  • I absolutely hate the fact that for 30 years I struggled with self esteem and then for a few years I finally felt like had a handle on my insecurity only to be diagnosed with cancer.  I lost a close friend that I thought would always have my back and now insecurity is back in full blast.  In addition to all my past demons I have a hair with curls that I cannot do anything with and a body that has gained weight and the whitest I have ever been.  (7/17/11)
  • I sometimes question my ability to get into heaven.  Yes, I believe in God and repeat the sinners’ prayer so many times.  (11/14/11)
  • I sometimes think how life can be so twisted.  My parents are helping me a lot right now and I feel guilty.  I am supposed to be helping my parents!  (1/5/12)
  • I am choosing to live!  I DO NOT want another person to tell me I am dying!  I do not want to explain to you my bucket list and for you to tell me how precious my time is.  Well, you know what?  We all have limited time.  (1/18/12)
  • Have you ever had someone to give you a time limit?  Do you have any idea how your world is rocked to the core when you are given a time limit?  (3/17/12)
  • Going to the graveyard and figuring out where you want to be was NOT EASY FOR MY PARENTS! (3/17/12)
  • I know you are anxious to hear about the Sexy Man contest and so hoping something fun happened there…but it didn’t.  (4/29/12)
  • I am kinda on the line how much I want to share because it is so embarrassing and humiliating but again…sometimes I think cancer will win unless I disclose and someone else out there reads and thinks, “Oh, I am not alone.”  (5/12/13)
  • One of the things I have put off is finalizing my will and final funeral arrangements.  I am still human.  (6/15/13)
  • During my journey I have always been real with you whether it was ugly, angry, hurt, loved, scared and humble but I have always allowed you to see me for where I truly was in my cancer journey.  (6/15/13)

I wasn’t sure whether to put her fur-kids in the category of “honesty and humor” or “friends,” but here are a few journal entries about them.

  • My dogs are my children.  I hope all of you will indulge me as I share my health and also share future Dude moments.  Seriously think about it…taking a whole bag of powdered sugar off the cabinet and eating it on my red leather sofa…or…trying to hide his ball in your down comforter only to rip a hole and have feathers flying.  How many people can say they know what their bedroom would look like with snow all in it?  (9/26/10)
  • Molly is easy!  She is simple and loving and still struggles with her brother, Dude.  (9/27/10)
  • I know this will be a comment that some of you will say, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND AND YOU ARE CRAZY!…Dude could be a great big brother and by the time summer rolls around he will have a great playmate…Can I afford a new puppy?  Who knows…all I know is that I refuse to allow cancer and all the medical bills stop me from living.  (11/17/10)
  • Sometimes I think Dude and Rocky work together – one to distract me and the other to grab and chomp!  (10/24/12)
  • Wednesday morning when I let the boys out, Rocky was so intent on running after a squirrel he ran into a tree. (4/22/13)
  • I thought Rocky and I were on the road to finally pass the Canine Good Citizens test.  He has flunked the test twice. He is currently on lockdown and no longer allowed to be on the furniture.  Rocky was extremely UGLY to one of his best little friends, Phoebe.  Being simple minded I want to think it is just Rock going through the terrible 2s. (5/12/13)

One of Lynn’s last wishes was that Dude and Rocky would be cared for, and that desire was fulfilled by Pete and Carrie Cramer last week.  Tammy texted me July 11 and said, “Lynn is so happy and at peace now that she knows the boys are going to have a good home.”  She later showed me pictures of the boys at play on the lake and in the boat with their new family.

FRIENDS:  “My Secret Ingredient”

One of the best parts of Gideon’s story is how God whittled down his army from 32,000 to 300 as a way of showing that Gideon was not fighting the battle in his own strength.  Anyone who has battled cancer or some other life-altering catastrophe knows that some friends create distance at that moment and other friends become only closer.  Lynn had so many of the latter variety.  I was truly amazed at how many people she named in her journal.  She certainly had an inner circle – Joyce called them her “posse,” but I wish I had time to list all the people she called by name on CaringBridge and identified them as friends.  These included her medical team, fellow cancer patients, childhood friends, neighbors, church members, and more.  Here are some of her reflections on her partners in battle.

  • I am still amazed that each of you love me and care for me and take time out of your busy life to lift me up and make me feel like I am the only person in need of prayer and love!  (9/20/10)
  • Today was a day of laughter and love!  My cohorts today: Lorin, Gwen and Tammy.  I have realized that the gift of time is truly the best gift!  (9/21/10)
  • I have a friend that never wants to receive recognition for all the good she does.  Sorry, Leah – not going to happen this time!  (9/29/10)
  • My childhood friend Chelle told me when she first found out (about my cancer) that Pride was one of the first things that must go!  (10/10/10)
  • I suffered from low self-esteem for the first 30 years of my life.  Finally I found Glenna, my wonderful therapist, who helped me become the person most of you know today. (11/17/10)
  • As Thanksgiving Day approaches, words will never provide the true gratitude I feel for all of you.  (11/22/10)
  • Monday I saw Dr. Frenette.  I love this man.  If any of you ever need an oncologist – and I pray you do not – please go see him!  (11/22/10)
  • My dear friend Charlie Finger died on Friday night.  He died dancing!  (2/10/11)
  • Today was a planned girls day and it was lovely!  (2/13/11)
  • I started my day with Daddy Bob and breakfast at Gouda!  SO it was good food and good laugh!  (2/26/11)
  • Thank you for being my secret ingredient in my successful diagnosis and for going out of your way to send sunshine my way!  I only hope that I pay it forward as kindly as all of you have done me.  (3/24/11)
  • My dear friend Ty came to town and we had a great dinner at Josh’s.  Ty and I can solve so many problems over a glass of wine!!! (3/24/11)
  • Tuesday night I went to a funeral receiving for my dear friend Randy Dyson.  Randy was one of the first real friends I had when I started attending the Corinth singles class! I was able to spend an hour with Don and Caryl Essenberg and Chocolate (Hodges).  Spending time with my old church buddies was like a breath of fresh air. (3/24/11)
  • This past week was a little more emotional for me as a friend of mine that was fighting another type of cancer passed away from a complication of a bone marrow/chemo effect.  Paula was a strong warrior. (5/29/11)
  • I am so blessed as Pastor Bob has assigned me a Stephen Minister that I have really connected with.  I believe she will help me a lot.  (11/14/11)
  • My friend Sharon from Waynesville passed away from her battle with liver cancer.  (2/12/12)
  • MAJOR GOOD NEWS!  I had applied for disability and through a miracle that came through God, I was accepted within two weeks of my appointment at the social security office.  John (Fuller) was very generous on continuing to pay me during my first cancer battle.  (2/12/12)
  • Do you ever have something happen that initially breaks your spirit and pride but then you wonder how you are so blessed?  So, Patrick and Angela decide they are going to do a cash raffle without talking to me about it.  Angela told me all the stories of kindness she and her children received when her husband was sick.  So, without me even realizing how many people and businesses were involved a humbling number of tickets were sold.  (3/17/12)
  • One day after I posted last month, I had an emotional meltdown and thankfully my friend Phil just showed up one evening.  (3/17/12)
  • Probably the highlight of March was celebrating Hope’s birthday!  (4/5/12)
  • On April 21st, lots of my wonderful friends are giving me a birthday party at Café Gouda.  (4/5/12)
  • The only sad thing about Saturday night (birthday party) was that I didn’t have enough time with everyone. For every person that showed up – YOU TOUCHED MY HEART!  JUST SEEING ALL THE FACES WAS LIKE A DOSE OF ENERGY THAT I HAVE NEEDED TO CONTINUE TO FIGHT.  (4/29/12)
  • I found a wonderful new asset – Edd.  Edd has helped me clean up a lot around the house.  (10/24/12)
  • I am so blessed and I thank God every day for my blessings.  All of my friends are the best kind of blessings.  My sweet Grace said after my birthday part, “Nynnie, you have enough friends you could make a parade.”  Thank you for being my friend all through my flaws.  God is still sanding me and I pray we have many happy days in 2013.  (12/24/12)
  • The thing I love about Grace (Dr. Mclaurin) is that she is always honest with me.  She will cry when it is bad and celebrate when it is good. (6/15/13)
  • Sometimes I feel guilty as I have so much and so many others don’t have your love and prayers.  (6/15/13)

FAITH:  “I will be with you.”

The story of Gideon is not really the story of Gideon or of his friends.  It is the story of Gideon’s God.   When the angel of the LORD first appeared to Gideon he said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior” (Judges 6:12).  Along the way there were many moments that Gideon doubted and tested that promise, but God never failed him.  Throughout his lifetime, Gideon enjoyed the blessings of God.  They were different blessings than Lynn’s, as his battle was different than hers.  But the constant was the promise of his presence.

The story of Lynn Price is not the story of Lynn Price.  It is the story of her God – the one who called her, loved her, saved her, and prepared her for her final home.  In his book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren reminds us that life is a “temporary assignment.”  It’s short for all of us.  Warren says, “The only time most people think about eternity is at funerals, and then it’s often shallow, sentimental thinking, based on ignorance.  You may feel it’s morbid to think about death, but actually it’s unhealthy to live in denial of death and not consider what is inevitable.”  (39)

If the purpose of this life is to prepare us for the life to come, cancer was the best thing that happened to Lynn Price.  She said as much as she wrote about the growth of her faith in her journal.

  • At first I asked myself why is this happening to me?  I work out and am healthy.  I try to do good things for others.  One of my friends said when she asked herself that question she also realized Why Not Me? (9/26/10)
  • After the storm always comes the calm.  The sky is also so clear.  The beach is calm and clean and the friends come in droves!  (9/29/10)
  • I realize that God is going to use this time in my life for something.  I can still remember a Beth Moore Bible study where talks about God sifting us.  He may want the giant sifter because being a good person doesn’t make you a godly person!  (10/10/10)
  • I am blessed because I do see a positive end to all this stuff unlike so many other of my friends.  It just takes me a few days to find my way.  My greatest fear is being alone when I grow old.  I realize I made bad choices when I was young in the men I dated.  (11/17/10)
  • I am soooooo glad this is happening to me…and not my sister.  Most of you know I always wanted children but all the bad choices I made while dating didn’t result in marriage or children.  (1/1/11)
  • Today, God knew exactly what I needed to hear.  I turned on the television and Charles Stanley’s sermon was: The Valley Experiences in our lives.  Yes.  Do you think he was talking to me or what?  (1/30/11)
  • I told (Dr.) Grace today that if going through this was what was necessary to see my relationship with my Dad grow, his relationship with my niece and nephew grow, my relationship with people that I have known for years grow to new heights and friends that have completely and totally surprised me in how they reacted to me…both positive and negative…I can only pray that at some point I can pay all the kindness I have received forward and remember all the lessons this journey has taught me. (2/25/11)
  • Grace had an idea and then Mom and Tammy put it into action.  After the prayer service they presented me a prayer blanket with various people drawing pictures, writing words of encouragement and Bible verses. (2/26/11)
  • Since my special prayer service on Saturday afternoon I have had an inner peace that had escaped me for a long time.  (3/1/11)
  • Love is where words and actions go hand in hand.  (7/19/11)
  • We all know God is the ultimate healer and I pray he decides my time here isn’t over and I have more work to do.  My verse I have carried for this past week:  Isaiah 43:2, “When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you!”  (10/24/11)
  • I am embarrassed I made just a big deal about losing a breast last year!  Thank you for your patience when I was being so shallow then!  (12/12/11)
  • I know my diagnosis isn’t very positive.  However, I am choosing to believe (1) the pain is cells dying, and (2) God is working a beautiful miracle in me and has great plans for me.  I find a lot of peace in Matthew 6 when we are told not to worry!  (1/5/12)
  • A lot of you know how I truly feel about birthdays – birthdays are NOT just another day.  Your birth was the day God decided the world would be graced – by you!  One doesn’t truly realize what a birthday can mean until one is faced with the possibility of not having another one.  (4/29/12)
  • I felt so blessed and was honored to be part of the Christmas Eve service at Corinth tonight.  I truly do have HOPE, JOY, and PEACE in my heart this year.  (12/24/12)
  • My latest Bible study is called Unglued.  It’s about making imperfect progress and I feel that is me.  (3/14/13)
  • One day while bouncing several fears off my friend Ann, she said to me, “Lynn, you realize it isn’t the chemo that has kept you alive, don’t you?”  Then I realized it wasn’t the chemo.  It was God.  He was working through prayers, Dr. F, and the “chemo cocktails” he put together and sent through my body. (3/14/13)
  • Sunday I went to church with Hope as Maiden Chapel had a special service, so all the gang from Xquisite went.  It was a lovely service.  I love it when we all go to church together.   I know God is in control.  I have to just continue to believe.  I am blessed.  I have had 364 more days than I thought I would have. (4/22/13)
  • I just keep telling myself, God is sifting me and everything I am going through is God’s way to open my eyes to others.  I can guarantee you that anytime I am with someone who says, “I gotta go to the bathroom” my eyes will scout a bathroom in a second.  (5/12/13)
  • Pastor Bob at Corinth preached about God’s will and how when he prays for a person he may pray that God will show them what God’s will is, and to obtain peace and comfort by being in his will.  I must admit I had not been praying for God’s will in my life.  I had been praying for MY will.  (6/15/13)
  • I was going to get a tattoo on my inside forearm that said, “God’s will, Lynn, not yours.”  Ben bought me an East-West Coast bracelet and it is exactly where I said I would put my tattoo.  On my inside wrist is this cross to remind me what God gave for me and any pain I may feel his Son Jesus Christ went through so much more.  God will care of all the things.  (6/15/13)

EXAMPLE:  “Watch me.  Do as I do.”

Gideon was not a preacher.  We know of no sermons he preached, no books he wrote.  He didn’t even leave us a CaringBridge journal.  His story was his legacy, and it still inspires us today to be honest with God, trust him completely, gather around us some brave warriors, and fight our battles in the strength of the Lord.  As Gideon and his 300 men prepared to surround the Midianite army, Gideon said, “Watch me.  Follow my lead.  When I get to the edge of the camp, do exactly as I do.”  What would Gideon say to us if he could talk today?  He would say, “Watch me.  Follow my lead.”  Gideon’s humility coupled with courage are his legacy.  We can follow just by observing him.

Lynn Price was not a preacher either.  Her calling in life was in a support role, a paralegal.  But in that role she served as a leader.  The current President of the Catawba Valley Paralegal Association, Cyndy Adams, said the organization was about to fall apart until Lynn took over as President.  Lynn mentored Cyndy and many others, and this week the CVPA established a scholarship for paralegals in Lynn’s honor.

But mostly Lynn worked behind the scenes in John Fuller’s office, content to do the behind-the-scenes work.  She wanted to marry and have children, but that never worked out for her, so she poured herself into her nephew and niece.  It was her cancer, however, that matured her life and her faith and gave us the story we will remember most about her.

What would she say to us if she could speak?  We actually know more about what Lynn would say than about what Gideon would say, because she interspersed in her journal some words of advice.  Here are some samples of how Lynn would say we should watch her and follow her.

  • As you know, I am a giver not a taker, but I promise when I need help I will ask.  Let’s all continue to laugh and show those we love how important they are to us.  (9/19/10)
  • Words can truly be hugs! (10/4/10)
  • I apologize now to all of you that went through an illness and I didn’t step up!  (10/10/10)
  • Never again will I judge a couple that has a child when “all the rest of us” don’t think they should.  (12/1/10, after adding Rocky to the family)
  • I challenge all of you today to stop and think about your life.  Have you told the people you love and adore how much you love and adore them?  Are you setting for something and thinking well, next year it will get better?  Are you so caught up in the rat race of life that you forgot what and who you are?  Don’t wait to next Friday to tell someone that you love them and cannot imagine life without them.  Next Friday may never come.  (2/10/11)
  • “Perspective.”  Over this cancer journey, I have lost someone who was very important to me.  Sometimes I failed to see things from their perspective.  So I ask each of you to communicate a little clearer with those you love – make time for face to face communication with your family and friends.  When you are at your angriest, do not pick up your phone and start texting! We all are made up of people that we have loved and those who have loved us.  We are also made up of the missed opportunities and people we have lost.  Our perspective is a “modge podge” of all the encounters we have had to date.  Instead of being judgmental, be willing to look at things from a different perspective.  Life and love are precious.  Treat them with gentleness and compassion.  (5/29/11)
  • There are a lot of blood drives going on right now so I encourage you to consider giving blood.  (11/24/12)
  • Let’s try to look at adversity as an opportunity to let our light shine, and be mindful we are all human and we are always a work in progress.  (12/24/12)
  • I want to live so I can remind you sometimes we must have a conversation with a person who isn’t even in the room with us.  Some things we can never tell the person that has hurt us, but we can release it.  I cannot tell you the people I have talked to sitting in an empty chair – pretending it to be a person just so I could get it out of my system and let it go! (6/15/13)

I’ll close with Lynn’s personal statement of faith she wrote for me when she joined our church family in 2005.  It’s personal, but it is also prophetic considering what we know would begin to unfold five years later.  I am quite convinced if there were one thing she could leave for us, it would be the reminder that because this life is short, we do need to be ready for eternity.  How do we do that?  We place our trust where Lynn did.

Jesus Christ is my personal Savior.  I believe he died for my sins and he rose again.  I know I am put on earth to glorify him.  I fall short, but through his grace he loves and forgives me!  I continue to struggle, but he is there for me!  Prayer has allowed me to have peace about horrible situations.  (1/18/05)



Reflections from Friends

Barbara Barringer

I didn’t know Lynn until her first diagnosis.  We were walking to a yoga class and she asked me how my day was and then I asked her how hers was she told me “it sucks”.  She told me her about her diagnosis. We proceeded into class, put our mats down together and ended up being stuck like glue.  You can learn a lot about a person when you are in the car with them several hours. Whether she was at a doctors appt or in the chemo Lab, etc. she wanted everyone to be comfortable.  I know she wants a smile on our faces today because she gets to see Jesus first!


Gracie Mclaurin

I am sure you will get many about her carrot cakes, lunches, and fabulous events.  I want to tell you about the quiet little things she did.  I loved her like a sister and she always seemed to know when something special would really make a difference in my day.  On Mother’s Day 2011 (soon after we diagnosed her breast cancer) I walked out on my porch early in the morning and there was a beautiful yellow rose bush on my porch with a happy mother’s day card from my sweet Lynn. She had come to my house in the night to sneak it on the porch so I would be surprised. Today that yellow rose is full of blooms in my yard and I see her every time I look at it.  I could tell you countless stories of these special little moments she and I had.

The other story that sticks out in my mind is Lynn’s love of slumber parties.  I have stayed with her several times over the past several years when she was having difficulties and we would sit up late and talk and laugh.  The last time was two weeks ago on a Monday night and she couldn’t wait to get in our pj’s and crawl in bed and talk.  We laughed and cried.  She talked about God’s will and how she was not scared to die.  When I was with her this past Friday when she could barely communicate her last words to me were “this week  bring your pj’s and we were going to have a pajama party.”  Even at the very end she was still creating fun and being the ultimate hostess. While I know she didn’t want anybody to be sad and wanted everybody to rejoice for her, my selfish heart is breaking wishing I could have that one last pajama party.


Susan Haire

Pastor Bob, please forgive me for calling you by your first name, but if I had a dollar for every time I heard Lynn say, “Pastor Bob”, I would take some time off from work. She loved you, she loved Bible Study and she loved the lady from your church who visited her at home.

Lynn and I were initially brought together through a mutual friend. Although Lynn was always kind, we only truly got to know each other very well after her cancer returned (after her mastectomy).

One Sunday after church, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I needed to find Lynn’s home as I had heard that her cancer had returned and the prognosis was not good.  My husband agreed and we found Lynn’s home. Upon entering, we experienced one of those “God Moments” where you realize that there was no need to worry about what to say or how to say it. The conversation just flowed and there were hugs / tears from one cancer survivor to another. From that time forward, my husband and I relished the opportunity to take her to treatment, to visit with her, have meals together and when we could simply talk or text and an almost daily relationship not only began, but felt as natural as if it had always been there.

Our bonding had something to do with the fact that I was in remission from colorectal cancer and had a permanent colostomy at 39. God has been so good to me and I did not want Lynn to be frightened. Over the next year, God gave Lynn that much desired remission and my husband and I saw her flourish, both in a deepening of her relationship with Christ, as well as fulfilling desires to travel with family (she used a portion of her retirement because she knew that these gifts of extra days were just that, gifts from God) and to help others.   Lynn knew that these times together were the best gifts she could give her family and friends. As you know, she constantly encouraged others to make happy memories since we never know which breath will be our last.

I would say something in particular about her beloved mother, father, sister, Grace and Caleb, and friends, but the truth is that as her love in Christ continued to grow, they were ALL even more beloved to her. Lynn was the best Aunt “Nynnie” to Grace and Caleb that anyone could ask for. She loved those children as if they were her own. We committed to pray for God to guide them and for them to be receptive in their lives. We committed to pray for her sister, Tammy, who is doing such a lovely job of raising them in a God centered home and we committed to pray for her Mom and Dad, as we could not fathom the pain of being predeceased by a child. Lynn saw her Mom, Dad and Sister’s love for her in action as they have tirelessly and willingly given of themselves to make her life better. She shared many of the small moments with me which were actually huge, necessary, bonding moments of love.

As we all do, Lynn struggled in certain areas and we discussed the ability of a Christian to be truly happy in even the most difficult circumstances and the necessity of forgiveness. Lynn truly was sorry for any decision she had ever made that was less than pristine. I explained to Lynn that we had all sinned and that all she could do was extend that gracious hand to others and if they accepted it, that was wonderful and if not, we would pray for them.  Although she constantly lamented on not being physically able to return all her calls, emails and send thank you notes, I told her that people who were assisting her for the right reasons were not thinking about a “thank you” note and understood that her poor health only allowed time for so many things to be accomplished in a day.

On one day in particular, we discussed whether we thought a Christian would have fear at the time of death. I drew a deep breath, prayed for grace and attempted to explain to Lynn what my sweet Grandma, as well as a Minister during my youth, had taught me. While working on the farm, Grandma would say, “Why would we walk through life with dying grace? Things just wouldn’t be right if we did.” From listening to her and a Minister, I realized, at least conceptually, that we simply must trust God to supply the grace necessary in the valley of the shadow of death, but not before that time.  Even Jesus had anxiety on the night before his death and yet God delivered him to Paradise after his Earthly suffering. Lynn’s response was simply, “That is beautiful”.  Many times after that conversation, I wondered if I had chosen the right words. As I visited with Lynn in the days preceding her death, I realized that regardless of my words, God had intervened and I had never seen a human face death with more grace, peace and readiness to make the journey home.

I learned so much from Lynn. For the first time in my Christian life, I truly know, with a heart knowledge, not just a head knowledge, that perfect love casts out fear.

Since we both worked in the legal field, Lynn understood whatever I had going on that day. I will miss our 7:45am “encouragement texts” and sharing of emailed devotions, I will miss Lynn’s excitement over my husband cooking black-eyed peas for her, I will miss how she always made me feel like the most important person in the world – you get the picture, but I absolutely REJOICE in the knowledge that when my friend drew her last breath on this Earth, I believe she ran into the loving arms of Christ, who will never forsake her. She will always be surrounded with that warm love which she so freely gave to others, especially during the hardest season of her life.


Edd Wheeler

Barbara was taking Lynn to chemotherapy last year, and Lynn told Barbara she would love to find someone to help do some yard work for her.  We worked together all last summer; and when (her Mom) Joyce told me how much our work energized Lynn, it really paid me for what we did.

When I called her initially, I will not forget her comment: “I am so excited you have agreed to come help me with my yard!”  I don’t think anyone has ever been so enthusiastically accepted into employment.

And when I continued to cut her “Silent Fence” for her wonderful pups, she would only smile and day, “It’s all good!”

And finally, when we would reflect on her situation, she would always say, “Make memories!”


Erin Sipe

It is a joy and honor to share how my life journey crossed paths with Lynn’s.  We met 10 weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer–the week I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A mutual friend put us in contact with each other by phone and via CaringBridge.  Instantly, we were connected . . . she shared our fears, our hurts, our hopes, and our angst in the midst of fighting this battle at such a young age.  Lynn texted me after every chemo treatment to see how I was doing and to remind me of all the “chemo rules” to stay healthy.  Even in the midst of her own battle, she was guiding me with her assurance, confidence, and faith that all would be well in its own time.

Lynn and I shared the same oncologist, and we would often run into each other in Charlotte when we had treatments.  When Lynn’s cancer reoccurred, I was crushed for her and fearful that mine would, too, in time.  We also met at yoga and at the gym as we both were building back strength in between treatments.  Lynn’s perseverance and determination to live life encouraged me to never give up, to never lose hope, and to always, always be thankful for the life moments I am given no matter what lies around the next corner.

The week of Easter, I had a hysterectomy due to complications with my cancer treatment, and I saw Lynn the day before at yoga.  We stayed after and chatted in the parking lot for an hour.  She encouraged me to not be fearful, to trust that God was in control, and to wake up thankful for another day to make memories with my family.  While I am ashamed to say that I have allowed fear to have the upper hand on me far too many times on my journey, I will admit that, the times I have been at peace, and the times I have recognized the beauty in the simple moments of my life are due, in large part, to Lynn’s reminders.  She sent me a bracelet her sister gave her during her own battle just a few weeks ago with a card of encouragement.  The bracelet reads, “Let Go and Let God.”  As hard as it is now to let go of Lynn, I rejoice that her battle is won, that she is no longer suffering, and that there is hope for all of us who believe that, “this, too, shall pass.”

Though my life season on Earth continues, I am confident that Lynn and I will cross paths again.  And I look forward to enjoying the bliss and peace of heaven together without fears, worries, or chemo hair.  Lynn truly was an angel among us, and her life purpose, to point us each toward a life of simple moments, thanksgiving, and encouraging others has been fulfilled.  Well done, good and faithful servant!  Amen.


Charlotte Barbagallo

There are so many special things about Lynn and wonderful things that she has done, I had a hard time choosing. I decided to share something Lynn did that touched someone more than she will ever know. I had taken my 16 yr old granddaughter out to breakfast one morning and she had been going through some very hard times at school with other girls telling her she is ugly, no one likes her, etc. Her self esteem was all but gone. She was considering dropping out of high school.  We happened to see Lynn that morning and I introduced her to my granddaughter. She looked at her in that way that only Lynn could (that made you feel you were the most special person in the world) and just beamed as she told her how beautiful she is. My sweet granddaughter was almost in tears it made her so happy. I honestly feel this was a game-changer for her. Every time I talk to her now, she asks how Lynn is doing. She left her mark for life. I think it’s noteworthy, too, that this happened within days of Lynn just finding out the cancer had progressed to the spine. Instead of sitting home, feeling sorry for herself, she was still out helping others. May we all learn from her wonderful example.


Carrie Craymer

Over the years, I have always been surprised by Lynn’s can do attitude and making things happen.   If she saw a weakness in someone’s life she would try to fix it.  As recently as Memorial day this year she was trying to help me out with one of mine.  I cannot cook nor do I like anything about it.  Lynn was a great cook and enjoyed it.  Every Memorial Day my husband’s family comes and spends with us.  (Usually at least 40 people will stay at our house for the whole week-end.)  Of cause, I am having friends etc. help me get the food made early.  In 2012 Lynn decided she was going to make me her famous carrot cake for the family.  At that time, she was feeling better and sure enough it was the hit of the week-end.  Fast forward to this Memorial Day.  Not once did I think of Lynn making a cake nor did it ever come up about the family coming etc.  But guess what, that Thursday before the family was to arrive, I get a call from Lynn telling me to come to her house she has baked a cake for me.  She had to leave for treatment and could not even be there.  I was absolutely shocked and humbled.  I asked her Lynn what ever made you think of this?  She said I have had a note on my refrigerator since last Memorial Day to make you a cake this year.  I looked at it everyday to remind me I wanted to do this.  Nothing could show her love of her friends and determination to continue to give to them more than this.  I will forever hold this dear act of kindness close to my heart.


Arlinda Graham

On April 28 I worshiped with Lynn.  This sermon, which you titled, “Our Pregnant Condition,” was so touching to Lynn and to me.  Lynn said “I’m no longer to pray the way I want to.  I’m going to pray for God’s will.”  (Click here to read the sermon.)


Josh and Dana Chapman, Neighbors

Lynn was our neighbor, the first to welcome us into the neighbor & invite us to dinner. That was the beginning of our friendship which has turned into more like family over the last 10 years. My 2 children call her Aunt Nynnie just like Grace & Caleb do & they have no idea she’s not their real aunt! When our youngest child, Tucker was just 5 months he was critically ill and had to be transported to Brenners on life support where he would remain for the next month. Aunt Nynnie came to the rescue, calmed me down to where I could breathe & think, went into the house and coaxed a super scared 2 year old girl, Tucker’s sister Piper, out of the corner in her room where she was shaking & hiding with all the commotion. Aunt Nynnie got her out, got her packed, got her smiling, & gave her comfort & love that only Aunt Nynnie could give. She got our mail and fed our dog the entire month we were gone, called & emailed often to check in and update the neighbors on his condition. But the sweetest & most awesome thing she did was start a prayer chain that literally made it around the world and back to Hickory… Where we had found out from friends and family that Nynnie started this chain of prayers for baby Tucker! Meant the world to us and her prayers were answered and by the grace of God Tucker was given a second chance on life! We will never forget this gesture and what she did for us in our greatest time of need! That was Nynnie… Always there to help, always willing, and always wanting the best for everyone!


Angie Burnham

When I think about Lynn I think about relationships.  Lynn and I met 9 years ago at  Wednesday Night Women’s Bible study at Corinth.  We made a connection right away.  Who couldn’t be drawn to Lynn with that bubbly personality and beautiful smile.  I remember that we always looked forward to that time together.  Our lives were very different during the week but that time was ours to share and visit.  She was a single woman in the professional world and I was a professional wife and mother in the Burnham world.  Regardless of where God had us we learned a lot from each other.  Lynn and I started out in God’s Word and even though we did not know we would finish her race here on earth in God’s Word this past winter and spring.  I was very concerned when Lynn wanted to join my Tuesday morning group in January since germs were not her friend.  But Lynn knew how to protect herself so I trusted God to get us through it.  She always sat by me, not just caused I loved her being there, but so I could run interference if anyone got to close to her air space J.  She added so much to our class.  She would come just after a treatment in her pajamas with Joyce at her side or in her finest all dressed up with her bright yellow sunglasses lighting up the room like a celebrity. Well she was a celebrity you know, she was a Daughter of The King! Praise you Father!  Anyway,  I am so thankful I did not talk her out of that cause of my fear for her health.  I will always cherish that memory until I see her on the other side in Glory!

As I said, Lynn and I began our friendship with God’s Word in weekly Bible studies.  We found out how to “break free” from the things in our lives that keep us from “really living free with what Jesus did on the Cross”, We learned sign language and How to live beyond ourselves by power of the Fruit of the Spirit, together we Believed God that He is Who He says He is and that  we are who He says we are.   Not knowing How soon Heaven would be Lynn’s home, Joni Eareckson Tada taught  us all about Heaven being our real home and what the bible teaches us about living there, We studied David in our pursuit to Have a Heart Like God and how daily living in the presence of God is the only way to accomplish that goal. In January we study Jonah, Navigating a Life Interrupted which Lynn truly knew the meaning of  and in March we study Unglued, making wise choices in the  midst of raw emotions.   I know that through our relationship in God’s Word Lynn and I both built strong foundations to weather any situation and daily living here on earth.  I can’t comprehend all the things the Lord allow Lynn’s earthly body to experience but I will be forever grateful for our special friendship and Lynn’s willingness to be that vessel for God’s Kingdom to teach us all about Relationships with Our Savior, our family and our friends.  Happy Memories are all that I have of Lynn today and I know nothing makes her smile more than that.  Lynn You are a Winner!!  Lynn has fought the good fight, Lynn has finished the race, Lynn did keep the faith!  What a privilege to have been called her friend.

2 Timothy 4:7, “ I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Lucretia VanDyke

She was one of God’s angels on earth. I remember when we first met she had funky socks on with funny flip flops (very Lynn) and she told me we must be friends…no I think we are sisters. I have never called anyone but my sisters this, but quickly felt her spirit and love and knew it was so. For 6 years we called each other sister and even introduced ourselves as this, to the odd looks from people it always just made us laugh. Most of all Lynn is a lifestyle I will uphold in her honor, the giving to make people smile, she always made you feel like you were the most important person. From baking her famous secret recipe carrot cake ….which I didn’t really believe she would take the recipe to her grave…lol… To always helping me with my dreamers mind bring my ideas down to earth, and how she held a big space for God and family. Heaven is a lucky place to have her and we are lucky to have God share her with us all.


Bob McKaughn

This story is to honor Lynn and how she, her family and I came to be close friends. I had known Lynn for a while and she called me Daddy Bob. This started around December 2000. Lynn was a regular at Café Gouda where I was working. We would sit and have coffee and talk. She enjoyed laughing, telling jokes and funny stories.

One day when I was training a new employee, Lynn came in and I told the new person “I don’t care much for her. She always comes up and hugs, kisses and tells me she loves Daddy Bob.” The trainee was in wonder why I didn’t care for her; she is beautiful and seems nice. I told him I used to be married to her and she divorced me. The trainee mentioned the age difference and wondered why she divorced me. I told him that she came in and found me in bed with her mom.

My daughter heard about the story and called and said Lynn was there and they wanted to know what that was all about as none of it was true. Lynn brought her mother to Café Gouda and had me tell her the story. They had a good laugh about it and invited me to Lynn’s sister’s house in Cat Square. Well I had never been to Cat Square and had heard about t it but had no idea where it was. I told Lynn I have been to Vermont, Seattle, California, New Orleans, Key West but never Cat Square. I was invited to the house for Thanksgiving where I met the sister and father. On the way there we stopped and had a picture taken of me at the Cat Square road sign and have a framed copy at my house. I was invited back for a Christmas breakfast.

On April 23rd I was invited back for Lynn’s birthday and it felt like I was part of the family. These are good nice people to be around. They had a cook out with cheese burgers, etc. Not wanting to tell them I don’t eat red meat I ate a cheeseburger, my first in 17 years, and it was great! I had a physical the next week and confessed to the doctor what I had done and he assured me one cheeseburger every 17 years would be fine.

In April a mutual friend’s mother died and I called Lynn to go with me for a “funeral date” and she agreed. We were standing outside the church and a friend of mine for 50 years came over and asked if we were an item as we were standing there holding hands. Lynn looked him in the eyes and asked, “What did you say?” He answered are you two an item. Her response was “we were once until I found him in the bed with my mother” and with that she took my arm and walked into the church. When we were inside she looked at me and said “Touché, got you back”. The friend has since called twice wanting to know the story.

I say to you, “God bless you Lynn Price, I will love you forever”.


Lori Blocker

Lynn was always such an inspiration; her unwavering honesty with her struggles and life lessons were evident in God’s spirit that flowed through her conversations, both personally and in writing.


Cyndy Adams

Good morning,

A founding member of Catawba Valley Paralegal Association, fellow paralegal and dear friend, Lynn Price, lost her courageous and long-fought battle with cancer earlier this week.   Lynn leaves behind a proud legacy of service to the legal community, having worked for attorney John Fuller for 22 years.  Lynn was the first active president of CVPA.  Under her guidance and leadership, she set us on the path to becoming the important and meaningful paralegal association that we are today. She was  spirited and passionate for the causes she supported — not only CVPA — but, breast cancer research, juvenile diabetes, and animal rights, among others. Those who were fortunate enough to know Lynn surely grieve her loss, but we rejoice because her suffering is done. Lynn’s funeral is this afternoon at Corinth Reformed Church, and a link to her obituary is included in this e-mail.

The Board of Directors of Catawba Valley Paralegal Association, Inc. announces the establishment of a scholarship in Lynn’s memory at Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton: The CVPA Lynn Price Memorial Scholarship.

I encourage each of you to consider making a personal donation to the Lynn Price Memorial Scholarship. Ask your attorney if the firm would contribute to this worthy cause.  Please give your check made payable to CVPA to:  Leah Poovey, Kelley Walker, Jerri Lee Craig, or me.   In the memo line of the check, be sure to note its purpose.  You may also mail your check to CVPA at PO Box 3068, Hickory, NC. 28603.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Cyndy Adams, CVPA President

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”   ~Elizabeth Edwards

(Personal remarks from Cyndy)

CVPA is doing an article about Lynn for our next newsletter, the ParaSight.  We will also publish news about the scholarship in our newsletter.  Lynn introduced me to the organization and it grew from there.  She leaned on me and I leaned on her and together, we were strong.   CVPA was about to fall apart until Lynn took over as President, and thereafter, things took a turn for the better.

She would always call me for lawyer referrals when a friend or client of hers needed a non-real estate lawyer.  Always trying to help others – and not being denied!  She started the first community outreach for CVPA – the DSS Emergency Children’s Fund. She was so passionate about this project, she had tears in her eyes talking to us about the babies and children who desperately needed our help, which we provided several times.  We also had other community outreach projects, including adoption of needy families at Christmas and collection of supplies for students, elderly people, and the homeless.  We collected pudding cups, gloves, hats, and car seats, among other things. We gathered cleaning supplies and personal items that people couldn’t purchase with food stamps, etc.  It didn’t matter who you were – if you needed help, Lynn’s hand was extended.  She had that kind of loving soul and giving heart.

I always had fun with Lynn, but there were serious times, too.  Of course, we shared a love for our fur-babies, and because of Lynn’s strong recommendations, my dog has found a vet and a doggie daycare that we both love.  Lynn – always trying to help – caring not only for her human friends, but her 4-legged friends as well.

As recently as 2 months ago, she came to my office to bring me a breast cancer survivor calendar, and on her picture was the sweetest handwritten note from her.  I cherish that now, and cry happy tears when I see her smiling face.  I could barely speak that day – because I knew I was looking at a miracle, and I just wanted to hear every word she said.  Even now, I am in awe of her and all that she accomplished and the good she has done for so many.  With the scholarship – and many other countless projects she was involved in – her grace continues.

Corinth Reformed Church, 150 Sixteenth Avenue NW, Hickory, NC 28601   www.corinthtoday.org

Bob Thompson, Pastor – [email protected]  828.328.6196 x202

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  • Shannon Hart says:

    Thank you for sharing this whole thing! An amazing God HE is!!!!I know Lynn would agree!

  • bob says:

    From Katherine Newman

    You never know what is in stored for your life… You question yourself and your actions every day. What is right? What is wrong? We are taught that when we are young. Suddenly, you grow up. You realize what the difference is… Do you want to make an impact on your life and succeed or are you just passing by in the moment?

    I have met an amazing woman not even a year ago. Lynn, the strongest, most inspirational person that I ever met that brought tears to my eyes. The fact my Best Friend (Lydia Smitherman) for almost 20 years recommended me to be introduce d to Lynn Price was a blessing in disguise. She really touched my heart in so many ways… I can’t imagine her circumstance, but the most encouraging part was she was strong and nothing got in her way! Lynn Price is the most inspirational person to me because she was going through Cancer. At the time I got diagnosed for cancer last November 2012. My best friend Lydia Smitherman and Lynn Price came to Charlotte for her treatment I got the blessing to meet Lynn for the first time with Lydia for lunch. The conversation I had with Lynn that day I will never forget. I used her words of wisdom from her experience to better my situation on being diagnosed with cancer. I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was on a clinical trial to see a pet scan after 2 months and was cancer free. I texted her news and she was so happy and told me she been praying for me and God was so good! That made my day! The women going through so much for so much longer than me only cared and rejoiced when others were healed. God is amazing in so many ways. Lynn was truly an inspiration to others and me. She believed in being strong and keeps pushing! She has inspired so many people including myself in so many ways; I am honored to have known her.
    Life is a Journey. Keep those who you are close to close, and always tell someone how much you appreciate them. Encouragement and having faith in someone can go a long way.

    Lynn Price I didn’t know too long, but in the time I did know her she was the most positive person knowing what she was going through and never let that get the best of her. She had friends and family who loved and cared. I believe that’s the best you can ever ask for! She will be a legacy and always in our hearts. I am happy she in heaven now with no pain and looking down and encouraging everyone else.. “No matter what life brings you,( good or bad) live it to the fullest! “Lynn was the fighter and nothing stopped her perseverance I believe things in life will throw a curve ball and you need to do everything in your power to get the strength and wisdom to carry on. God bless Lynn and her family.

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