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The UCC vs. Amendment One by bob

May 28th, 2014

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(The following is an e-mail/letter I am sending over the next few days to UCC clergy in North Carolina.  It is followed below by a longer set of reflections for those who are interested in reading more.  You may reply with a post to this blog, if you register as a user, or to my […]

In his book, Anatomy of the Soul, psychiatrist Curt Thompson (hereafter CT, because “Curt” feels too familiar for someone I haven’t met, “Dr. Thompson” seems too formal, and “Thompson” feels too autobiographical) shares vulnerably about a time he yelled at his young daughter, Rachel, for making too much noise on a Saturday morning when her […]

Helen England was the kind of person who knew what she wanted.  Her round-the-clock caregivers – Lisa, Sherry, and Lisa – understood this.  They knew that if they folded the bedding down the wrong way, Helen would instruct them how it was to be done.  There was no use arguing, because Helen’s way was the […]

Together in Prayer by bob

May 18th, 2014

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What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Acts 1:12-14 May 18, 2014 Heaven is for Real Several weeks ago, the film, Heaven Is For Real, was released in theaters.  It’s been a busy few weeks for Linda and me since that time, and we didn’t get the chance to go until […]

What follows are reflections from four friends of Bill McDonald who shared in the service, then my own meditation, then additional reflections on Bill’s life shared by others.