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Dying Well by bob

July 27th, 2014

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We die well when we live full of the Holy Spirit. Acts 7:51-8:1 July 27, 2014 Accusation and rage The verses we read from Acts 7 this morning are filled with emotion.  Having broken into the middle of a reading, we encounter an angry, accusatory man whose name we don’t yet know saying, “You stiff-necked […]

A Servant Heart by bob

July 21st, 2014

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We allow freeloaders, but until you get service, you don’t get Jesus. Acts 6:1-7 July 20, 2014 Pivotal moments For the past week, we have had a most enjoyable time with Linda’s Mom, my Mom, and our two grown daughters in Florida at a beautiful oceanside home.  There were too many experiences to share, from […]

Intimacy is based on trust, and trust demands truth. Acts 5:1-11 July 6, 2014 Modern difficulties I started this week asking myself, “What was I thinking when I chose to preach on the story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5?”  I could easily have skipped this story in a survey of Acts.   I. Howard […]

Although I have been pastor of this church for more than two decades, it wasn’t long enough to fully appreciate Cacky Fuller.  During my tenure I have known her mostly as a somewhat eccentric older person, a strongly opinionated woman who – although never with disrespect – would tend to offer more correction than encouragement […]