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Joseph the Dreamer by bob

December 29th, 2014

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God is weaving a beautiful tapestry from invisible thread in each of our lives. Matthew 2:13-23 December 28, 2014 Low Energy Sunday The Sunday after Christmas on the church calendar should probably be named “Low Energy Sunday.”  No one can sustain the level of adrenaline that flows between Thanksgiving and Christmas in our culture.  By […]

One candle is to the sun what the sun is to the glory of God. 75th Annual Candlelighting Service December 21, 2014 Isaiah 60:1-3 This fall at Corinth, we have been reading and pondering the words of the most quotable, framable, singable prophet in the Old Testament: Isaiah.  So many of the songs we sing […]

Advent Theme December 15-21: Love Scripture for this week:  Isaiah 40:1-11 Saturday, December 20, 2014                 PREPARATION:  Think about a Christmas family activity (or memory, if you live alone) that brings you comfort.  You might even consider connecting this devotion time to that activity.  It can be anything from a group hug to making cookies […]

Don’t Give Up on God…for Joy by bob

December 14th, 2014

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With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.  (Isaiah 12:3) Isaiah 12:1-6 December 14, 2014 Joy Uninhibited The traditional theme for the third Sunday of Advent is joy.  Early in the fall as I was creating the sermon series on Isaiah I did a word search for “joy” in Isaiah, and this […]

Advent Theme December 8-14: Joy Scripture for this week:  Isaiah 12:1-6 Saturday, December 13, 2014                 Here is your “family time” devotion for this weekend.  If you are not using the Advent wreath, just ignore that part of the devotion.  My next Advent devotion will be on Monday.                 PRAYER:  Begin your time by eliminating […]