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Recently the Board of Missions at Corinth asked me to research some highlights of Corinth’s involvement in missions since its charter in 1869.  With the help of Amy Stickler, I created the document below and thought you might enjoy it as well!   Corinth Missions History “Missions pay. No better evidence of this truth can […]

The Miracle of Restoration by Bob Thompson

January 26th, 2015

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You can’t find me someone whom Christ cannot rescue and transform. Mark 5:1-20 January 25, 2014   Every salvation a miracle This past week Linda and I had the chance to spend some time with her mother in Pennsylvania and with some of her extended family. I have often been filled with awe for the […]

Mary Kahn – Love in Action by bob

January 24th, 2015

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It is often true when I preach a funeral that most of the people in the pew know the deceased better than I do as the preacher.  That’s not necessarily true for Mary Kahn.  Because she only lived in this area for the last two decades of her life, it might be helpful for many […]

For most of its decade-long history, the Board of Directors of Faithful and Welcoming Churches (FWC) has held its annual board meeting at the UCC’s “church house,” the denominational headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.  (2013 was an exception, when Corinth Reformed Church (UCC) hosted a “national gathering” for FWC in Hickory, North Carolina.)  FWC is a […]

A Desperate Dad by bob

January 12th, 2015

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If you fixate on your need for a miracle, you may miss God when he shows up. John 4:43-54 January 11, 2015 Questions You would think if I began a three-month sermon series on the Miracles of Jesus, I would have wrestled through all my questions in advance and know exactly where I was going […]