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The self-reliance we strive for might be the worst thing that ever happened to us.  Revelation 3:14-22 May 21, 2017 The sermon I need to hear Sometimes the sermon I plan to preach is the sermon I need to hear.  The past few months at Corinth have presented one set of “over and above” challenges […]

Last week, Ed and Susan Pearce came face to face with a parent’s worst nightmare – not only the loss of their child, but at his own hand.  No one brings a child in the world with even a faint imagination that someday that child will come to believe his own life is not worth […]

A Message to the Suffering by Bob Thompson

May 15th, 2017

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Churches that don’t love cannot shine light into the darkness. Revelation 2:1-7   A city of firsts The city of Ephesus may not mean much to you, but it would if you lived in the first century. Ephesus was a leading city, a crossroads for commerce and culture. Unlike many other ancient cities (Rome and […]

What Jesus Is Like by Bob Thompson

May 7th, 2017

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Isolated from all he loves, John has the greatest vision of Jesus ever. Revelation 1:9-20   Truth into life Early in my ministry, an older pastor told me that he didn’t believe a pastor could counsel and preach to the same people. He referred his parishioners to others for counseling, and did most of his […]

I was leaving church last Saturday evening about 5:30 when my cell phone rang.  It seemed odd that Amber Tramble was calling me.  It wasn’t Amber; it was a St. Stephens volunteer fire fighter using her cell phone to tell me that Justin had passed away.  I have to admit my first thought was that […]