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If you had sat down recently for a brief conversation with Valeriya Khudyakova and then followed by talking with me, your first thought might be that she and I are very different.  Valeriya, you would notice, is a small, thin, female from Russia who speaks mostly Russian but works hard at her grasp of English.  […]

It’s both surprising and unsurprising that we are here today to pay our respects to Stan Meares.  It’s surprising because most of us didn’t know he was sick.  I found out last Sunday.  His family only learned about it a couple of days earlier.  Linda says she thinks Stan knew something was up, but even […]

You can learn a lot about a person from their favorite quotes.  You can learn a lot about a Christian from their favorite Bible verses.  Recently my wife and I spent a week in the Caribbean as a gift from our church family for our 40th wedding anniversary.  We spent part of each day remembering […]

I am aware that people think a memorial service like this one is difficult for a pastor to preach.  I want to assure you it’s not. The reason you might think it’s difficult is that although Charles was a member of Corinth Reformed Church, where I have served as pastor for 25 years, he was […]

(The post below includes both reflections by Farrell’s son, Marc, and my own meditation.  For a full print copy of the service, including the picture collages Marc showed during the service, contact the family or email [email protected]) “Dad in Four Phases”                                                                                       Marc Bolick For the past eight years, since his stroke in 2010, I have […]