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I am aware that people think a memorial service like this one is difficult for a pastor to preach.  I want to assure you it’s not. The reason you might think it’s difficult is that although Charles was a member of Corinth Reformed Church, where I have served as pastor for 25 years, he was […]

(The post below includes both reflections by Farrell’s son, Marc, and my own meditation.  For a full print copy of the service, including the picture collages Marc showed during the service, contact the family or email [email protected]) “Dad in Four Phases”                                                                                       Marc Bolick For the past eight years, since his stroke in 2010, I have […]

Cecil’s family left it up to me to choose the New Testament lesson for this service.  There’s a bit of a risk in that, I suppose!  It took me most of the weekend, but the Lord seemed to put into my mind this morning the perfect Scripture for C. Bost. The Bible includes a number […]

Nancy Dowdy – “Wholesome Neglect” by Bob Thompson

February 3rd, 2018

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This is undoubtedly a first for Corinth Reformed Church – a funeral meditation by videotape. The reason for it is not all that complicated. I’m the only pastor Nancy has known for 25 years. Nancy’s children very much wanted me to be a part of this service, and I very much wanted that as well. […]

Hazel Rowe – “A Needle in Cotton” by Bob Thompson

February 1st, 2018

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I suppose it’s only fair that I begin with a brief explanation of why I chose the Scriptures I read. Kelly described her grandmother to me as “a needle in cotton,” a phrase from Tai Chi. One blogger explains, “the motion is soft and flowing, yielding gently like a ball of cotton, but with cold, […]