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It’s as much true of you and me as it is true of Webster Ammons Goss: if we make our stories about us, we diminish our significance, but when we make our stories about God we find our true meaning.  Webster’s story is ultimately a story about his Creator and Savior.  I’m going to tell […]

Shirley Logan’s Scrapbook by bob

August 23rd, 2016

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In Memory of Shirley Holsclaw Logan (June 5, 1927 – August 19, 1916) When Pastor Lori and I met with Shirley’s family yesterday to plan this service, Cindy pulled out some folders and envelopes and said something like, “You’re going to hate me.”  I don’t hate you, Cindy, but when I started digging through all […]

I always knew there was a special bond between Barbara Robinson and me, but I never knew until Wednesday what exactly it was.  That’s when I found out that two of her favorite things were Dairy Queen ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and Werther’s caramels.  Ask anyone in my family – ice cream, chocolate, […]

Richard Brittain – In God’s Image by Bob Thompson

February 19th, 2016

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Most of you know that I did not know Richard Brittain personally, and that’s always a bit of a handicap for a pastor.  I know Marissa and her family the best, and I know Tom and Grant from the funerals I preached for their grandparents, whom I loved dearly.  And of course I know Scottie […]

Luke Garrison – “Mysteries” by bob

November 15th, 2015

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The theme of “Mysteries” for this meditation first came to my mind in the hospital about halfway through this agonizing period of ten days when doctors were telling Luke’s family the tests were not showing hopeful signs.  I said, “There are medical mysteries and spiritual mysteries.”  We kept praying for a miracle. The theme of […]