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Richard Boyd – Journey and Destination by Bob Thompson

November 7th, 2016

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As I sat down this morning to write this meditation, I looked at the Scripture the family chose and looked over my notes. In both I saw the theme of “Journey and Destination.” I remembered that someone said, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” so I Googled it. The quote is often attributed to […]

It’s as much true of you and me as it is true of Webster Ammons Goss: if we make our stories about us, we diminish our significance, but when we make our stories about God we find our true meaning.  Webster’s story is ultimately a story about his Creator and Savior.  I’m going to tell […]

Shirley Logan’s Scrapbook by bob

August 23rd, 2016

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In Memory of Shirley Holsclaw Logan (June 5, 1927 – August 19, 1916) When Pastor Lori and I met with Shirley’s family yesterday to plan this service, Cindy pulled out some folders and envelopes and said something like, “You’re going to hate me.”  I don’t hate you, Cindy, but when I started digging through all […]

I always knew there was a special bond between Barbara Robinson and me, but I never knew until Wednesday what exactly it was.  That’s when I found out that two of her favorite things were Dairy Queen ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and Werther’s caramels.  Ask anyone in my family – ice cream, chocolate, […]

Richard Brittain – In God’s Image by Bob Thompson

February 19th, 2016

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Most of you know that I did not know Richard Brittain personally, and that’s always a bit of a handicap for a pastor.  I know Marissa and her family the best, and I know Tom and Grant from the funerals I preached for their grandparents, whom I loved dearly.  And of course I know Scottie […]