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The first explanation I should make is why I have the privilege of leading this service today.  My wife Linda and I have served in one congregation for almost 25 years.  Whether we try to or not, pastors tend to bond with certain individuals and families, and our family bonded with Kathie’s daughter Carol for […]

Meditation It will not surprise anyone who knew her that almost 25 years ago, early in my pastorate, when we gave members an opportunity to write out their desires for their funeral so we could keep them on file, within a short time Shirley had submitted a detailed form for herself, her brother, and her […]

Meditation – Pastor Bob Thompson Over 40 years in church ministry, I can count on one hand the number of pastoral care visits I’ve made outside the Atlantic states.  Someone has to be pretty special for me to find a way to connect across hundreds of miles.  Marilyn Woodall was pretty special. The story begins […]

Why We’re Here It helps to remember why we’re here. We’re here today not so much to grieve a death, although we are certainly doing that. We’re here to celebrate life – the rather remarkable 48 years Doug Leatherman lived on this planet, and the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. I remember 18 […]

Last week, Ed and Susan Pearce came face to face with a parent’s worst nightmare – not only the loss of their child, but at his own hand.  No one brings a child in the world with even a faint imagination that someday that child will come to believe his own life is not worth […]