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(This is a longer-than-usual blog post about one week in my life – the days immediately and following my Dad’s death.  It’s for me, so I don’t forget.  It’s for family who couldn’t be with us.  And it’s for anyone else who might be interested in what it’s like to be both pastor and son […]

Grandpa Thompson’s Diary by bob

December 2nd, 2012

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Linda and I visited my parents over Thanksgiving weekend 2012 with our daughters Jeni and Cara, and Cara’s new husband Mike.  While there, Jeni started reading my grandfather’s diary from 1932-34, and I asked Dad if I could borrow it.  Dad’s parents were missionaries in India, and he was born there in 1925. The diary […]

Hawaii Highlights by bob

July 24th, 2012

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Thompson Hawaii Highlights 2012             Flying across the Pacific on Linda’s birthday gives plenty of time to relive and reflect on what Linda just called our “most amazing” family vacation ever.  We’ve been blessed with some other wonderful trips, so that’s saying something. For those of you interested, here are the day to day highlights.  […]