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Come and See by bob

April 20th, 2014

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Sometimes we have to see to believe. Matthew 28:1-10 April 20, 2014 Brother Ron from Pakistan Next Sunday will be our 18th consecutive Holy Humor Sunday, which we observe to celebrate God’s last laugh on the devil when he raised Jesus from the dead.  None was as memorable as the year I started the service […]

Which Jesus? by bob

April 13th, 2014

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“Suffering is the only thing strong enough to destabilize the imperial ego.”  (Rohr) Matthew 27:11-26 April 13, 2014 Are you ready for Easter? Are you ready for Easter?  It’s only a week away, you know.  That’s a question we often ask about Christmas, but not for Easter. What does it mean to get ready for […]

The Plot Quickens by bob

April 6th, 2014

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There is not in the Gospels a more stark contrast of characters than Judas and Mary. Matthew 26:1-16 April 6, 2014 The Plot Two weeks ago in our study of Matthew’s Gospel, we left Jesus on the temple mount on Tuesday of what we call Holy Week.  It was Passover week for Jesus and Jerusalem.  […]

Aiming for Greatness by bob

March 10th, 2014

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Lent is a time to think differently about greatness. Matthew 20:20-28 March 9, 2014 The power of conversionary missions The cover story of the January issue of Christianity Today magazine included a fascinating article by a man named Robert Woodberry.  Woodberry earned his Ph.D. in sociology at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.  […]

The Rock Church by bob

March 2nd, 2014

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We are all unlikely converts God can use to change the world. Matthew 16:13-20 March 2, 2014 Midterm exam If you don’t know the name Nabeel Qureshi yet, you probably will at some point.  You’re more likely to know his name already if you know names like Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, and Ravi Zacharias.  These […]