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How to Dance by bob

July 25th, 2010

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“When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.” (Mark Sanders) Psalm 30 July 25, 2010 Good Baptists Don’t Dance Today’s sermon title, “How to Dance,” would not have been used in the church of my youth – EVER.  But it’s very appropriate for Psalm 30, one of the […]

The Paradox of Success by bob

July 18th, 2010

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The wall between spiritual success and failure is made of paper. Psalm 18 July 18, 2010 A personal testimony The Guatemala mission trip is filled with answers to prayer and reasons for praise.  It was, by every measure, a success.  It represents broader success at Corinth. By God’s grace, my 17 years here have been […]

Fear and Trust by bob

June 13th, 2010

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Don’t fear fear. Psalm 56 June 12, 2010 Writing on the Run Not very many people write poems and songs when they are afraid.  David in the Bible did.  In fact, he wrote some of his best stuff when he was scared silly.

The more we know, the less we think we know.  And that’s a good thing. Psalm 52 June 6, 2010 The Story I would like to begin today’s sermon with a couple of lines from a song. Today my heart is full because you’re here with me and God is giving you to me. We’re […]

Life Becomes Worship by bob

May 30th, 2010

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When life comes at you fast…worship. Psalm 59 May 30, 2010 First response Which of the following is going on right now in your life? 1.      Someone is trying to hurt you. 2.      You have been betrayed. 3.      You feel trapped.