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Pastor Bill’s Ten Years by bob

July 19th, 2010

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In 2006 Linda and I had the privilege of traveling to Europe.  We brought back some small gifts to various friends and family members.  Somehow nothing seemed “right” for Pastor Bill.  So I made him a plaque about his service in the Navy.

Best DAM staff member by bob

June 15th, 2010

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Pastors really shouldn’t have favorites among the church employees, but I do have to admit I have one. In our continuing series of honoring staff members who have been working at the church ten years or more, we come this week to the employee I’ve known the longest.

During 2010, we are celebrating Corinth employees who have  been with the church ten years or more.  This month: Joe Lippard, our Custodian, who has been serving the congregation since July 1996.   Here are some tributes to Joe from members and staff.  Add your own with a blog comment or on Corinth’s Facebook page.

2010 is a milestone year for Corinth.  Five of our staff members will celebrate ten-year anniversaries at Corinth.  I plan to use a “Pastor’s Pen” column to note each of these anniversaries. It also occurs to me that I didn’t do this for those who have already passed ten years, so I’ll include them as […]