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I am grateful to Senator Austin Allran for arranging an opportunity for me to offer tonight’s prayer opening the session of the North Carolina Senate.  This is the prayer I offered.

What Linda and I take with us more than anything else from being at the National Prayer Breakfast is a sense of humility.  Humility includes gratitude that a set of circumstances one could only describe as providential gave us this opportunity, as well as gratitude for new friends and insights.

I still say there’s not as much prayer at the “National Prayer Breakfast” as I’d like to see.  But the closing prayer was worth any other prayers that could have been offered.

The mystery has been solved.  Until lunch today we didn’t know exactly why we were invited to this National Prayer Breakfast.  It’s not an open event.  Someone from the “International Foundation” (a group that also calls themselves “The Fellowship”) has to invite you.  I thought maybe it had something to do with my connection to […]

This is humbling. I’ve been thinking a lot about humility lately and how humility is not an American virtue.  After attending the national prayer breakfast, I need to rethink that perspective.