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Tom and Misty, thanks for the joy of sharing this day with you.  I have heard about your amazing family and have even met some of them briefly, but the way you talk about them with such appreciation and affection makes it very special to share this day with you.  I love how your Ryan […]

Aubrey and Aaka, thank you for allowing Pastor Paul and me the joy of sharing this day with you.  I pray we will have the privilege of being part of your lives for a long time to come. The theme for my wedding meditation came to me last night during the rehearsal when we spoke […]

Saryn and Edward, among other cherished memories from this day, you will always remember you got married with this sanctuary dressed in its Christmas glory!  You might also remember from a year ago the hesitancy of the church staff, and even the pastor, about scheduling a wedding at Christmas. I just want to tell you […]

Carlie and Phil, I officiate at many weddings.  I often feel that my relationship with the couple is deeper because of the privilege of being such an integral part of this special moment in their lives.  That’s never been truer than it is for you.  You could have had your pick of officiants.  Thank you […]

Rich and Trudie, what a delight it has been for me to get to know you both. Thank you for allowing me to be part not only of this special day but of your lives. I always try to write a personalized “charge to the bride and groom” for a wedding, looking for a theme […]